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Affiliate Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change and modify the Affiliate Terms and Conditions without notice.

Dear members,

Up to now, BowThemes.com has released 10 products and most of them are offered as free versions. Even so, we're making our best effort to improve our products and supporting services for users.

Each of our products, whether they're free, always accompanied by life-time-support and being upgraded patches and other features. Currently, each day we've received more than 20 technical supporting requests, most of them are mending and upgrading products requirements. Although we’re not able to reply and solve entire requests, but we always set the goal "Your success is our business group." Therefore, our staff’s constantly getting better and better in both quantity and degree.

Our commercial products have also received much trust and approval of you, but that’s not enough for us. We need more and more support to improve service and product quality. Therefore, all of your help is always welcome.

And finally, believe that, you will always get the best product and best support service whether you can help us or not – That’s our goal in near future!

How to help us:

 - Share and advertise for our products/website

If you enjoy and satisfy with the BT products and services, let’s share this with others such as  "Like us on Facebook", follow us on Twitter, share our products and website on other social networks, put our links on your websites. And, by the way, please reserve our copyrights when you’re using free templates (Do not remove the line "Designed and Developed by Bow Themes" in the footer)...
If you are a blogger, you have an own website with a large number of viewers and relevant topics, it would help a lot when you write an article to introduce us or put our banner on your website (Download banner here).

- Help us to support

There is a fact that, although how far we’re growing on, it’s impossible for us to answer immediately entire membership questions or concerns on forum. We only work 6 days per week like you. We also have the annual holidays; therefore, we do hope that members together with us will support others on the forum in case you know how to solve that problem. Another thing we want to tell you that you should read and search carefully issues before you send request support. It helps us avoid supporting repeat matters and resolving your problems quickly.

Again, thanks all of you have become our members, and thank you for reading this article!

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