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  2. dear all, how to change fonts and size? thanks Francesco
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  4. is there any reason why you delete my thread???
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  6. someone? thank you!
  7. Ok, so I figured it out. I was also having this error: jQuery is not defined I was accidentally deferring JavaScript, which meant it wasn't loading it properly in time for the map. At least that's how I interpret the situation. By making JavaScript not deferred, it cleared up both issues and the map works just as it should. Hopefully this helps someone in the future! For details on how I was deferring JavaScript, I am using a plugin that manages things similar to that, and that option was checked, so I simply unchecked it.
  8. Hi, What template or extension are you asking for? Best,
  9. Hello guy, Could you send me your account administrator? I'll check it for you. Best regards,
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  11. I am testing it on Joomla 2.5.28 and it doesn't work properly. The question is this. If I set 1 row and 4 columns and to show 4 contents all is ok. If I set 1 row and 4 columns and to show 5 contents it shows only the bullets and no contents. My template is Cloudbase 2. Anyone can help me?
  12. The site is now live. I removed the bt smart search from the pages that fail... It is on other pages: If I add it to either of these pages the components/modules will not load: You will see it on most of the other pages. THANKS
  13. When I include a smart search in the site that I am working on, it will cause some modules to not load. Has happened with specific modules or components Can you tell me why this is and what I can do about it. You can review at: You will see that on most pages there are searches in the header, but if I put them on the page with the YouTube module running, the module will not load at all. THANK YOU VERY MUCH La Ree
  14. what is an easy way to get my side changed from "BT Arise 2 free - orange" to "BT Arise 2 free - default" NOTE >> the Style "default" has been erased! i don't want to start from beginning
  15. We are currently using the btcontentslider on one of our sites. It is showing the first article in its own div, and is lumping the second and third article into one div instead of two like the demo shows.
  16. Hi, i have a problem with content slider if i change the image in the k2 article, i will not see the correct image in the preview on the slider i cannot switch off autogenerate thumb.. and i have no problem with the cache of the server. solutions? thank you very much!
  17. Hi Solution found, modify file administrator/components/com_bt_property/models/property.php add this line $imageExt = "jpg"; on line 396 $imgSource = $_FILES["images"]["tmp_name"][$i]; $info = getimagesize($imgSource); $imageExt = str_replace('image/', '', $info['mime']); $imageExt = "jpg"; // save image as jpg ********* $imageName = md5($pid . strtotime("now") . $_FILES["images"]["name"][$i]) . '.' . $imageExt; Regards
  18. Hi there, Everything looks fine (great extension!) but I get the following info in the error log file ( BT content slider Module Version 2.3.8 ): PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getChildren() on null in /home/....../modules/mod_bt_contentslider/classes/content.php on line 310 This is the line: // since 2.4.2 if($this->_params->get('sub_categories', 0) && count($category)){ $parents = $category; foreach($parents as $c){ $instance = JCategories::getInstance('Content'); $cat = $instance->get($c); $children = $cat->getChildren(); if(count($children)){ foreach($children as $ch){ if(!in_array($ch->id, $category)){ $category[] = $ch->id; } } } } } Could you tell me what is the problem? Thank you, Kristiana
  19. Was this issue ever resolved? We are having the same issue
  20. Hi. I have attempted to use the background slideshow on my site I do not know where to position the slideshow, as I want it to be the whole background. Wherever I try to place it (with module positions) I only end up with a white color as my background image. What could I be doing wrong? Is this module not compatible with Gantry 5 Themes? Please help. Best regards, Brian Jærgensen
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  22. Hello, first of all thanks for this great extension I wanted to know if it is possible to save the images with jpg extension instead of jpeg, since for some functionality the jpeg format does not work Excuse my bad english ty
  23. It's sad but even the good business's go out. There has been NO new templates for joomla in years, these are all old.
  24. I'm having an issue where the map won't load, but the module itself is there. For example I can see the title of the module, but the map will not load. When inspecting the page I see the following error: Uncaught ReferenceError: initializeMap is not defined
  25. Hello BT, I purchased the extension bt content showcase v2.4.2 for template bt medical. It is ok to integrated this extension with k2 categories. But when I use mobile device to view, it's can not srolling down Please give me the solution Thank you
  26. Is it possible to select several categories for a property ? Example: i have four categories : house / prestige / apartment / Bed and breakfast. A property x can be classified in house and bed and breakfast. How do i do this ?
  27. Nobody knows the solution??
  28. I have used mod_bt_simple_slideshow before and it worked fine.Now I have upgraded my Joomla site to 3.6.5 and it will not allow me to drag and drop images. The images file is writable. I used this on another site and it worked but will not allow me to drag and drop. I get the red circle with a line through it. Everything in the folder is writable. I don't know what else to try. Hate to have to use another slideshow for this site! Thanks! Bev
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