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  2. Hi It's a couple of years since I had an issue with BT Google Maps, but as far as I can remember I resolve the problem by updating the BT module.
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  4. Hi, I have this problem. When I use the GoogleMaps BT module, I get this message "For development purposes only". I've also added the Google Map API Key, it works for 1 minute after the wording reappears.
  5. Hi. Can I replace the delete button with the unpublish button when viewing the list of objects in the frontend?
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  7. Hi I would like to know why over 6 lines free the javascript of the site and blocks all the templates that I try thanks ok Block bullets and slide and next and back buttons
  8. Hello! for SEO purpose i need to ad link rel nofollow in this link Is this possible? Thanks
  9. Hello, Kindly need your support to fix the message below, the MAPs were working properly from 1 month ago. Link:
  10. Hello, I'm working with Helix3 and it does not work for the responsive pages of the bt shortcode plugin. What could be the problem? Thank you
  11. solution file /administrator/components/com_bt_property/models/property.php in sting 259 find if (empty($data['alias'])) { $data['alias'] = JApplication::stringURLSafe($data['title']); } if (JRequest::getVar('task') == 'save2copy') { list($title, $alias) = $this->generateNewTitle(0, $data['alias'], $data['title']); $data['title'] = $title; $data['alias'] = $alias; }else{ $db->setQuery('SELECT alias FROM #__bt_properties WHERE alias = ' . $db->quote($data['alias'])); $id = JRequest::getInt('id'); if($db->loadResult()){ list($title, $alias) = $this->generateNewTitle(0, $data['alias'], $data['title']); $data['title'] = $title; $data['alias'] = $alias; } and change it if (empty($data['alias'])) { $data['alias'] = JApplication::stringURLSafe($data['title']); } if (JRequest::getVar('task') == 'save2copy') { list($title, $alias) = $this->generateNewTitle(0, $data['alias'], $data['title']); $data['title'] = $title; $data['alias'] = $alias; }else{ $db->setQuery('SELECT alias FROM #__bt_properties WHERE alias = ' . $db->quote($data['alias'])); $id = JRequest::getInt('id'); if($db->loadResult()&& $id==0){ list($title, $alias) = $this->generateNewTitle(0, $data['alias'], $data['title']); //$data['title'] = $title; $data['alias'] = $alias; }
  12. i find my solution - test it now
  13. I think this function needs to check the ID of the record in the database. If the entry already exists, you do not need to change the header and alias automatically.
  14. Problem this fix that when editing an old record and save it - it changes the title and alias, i.e. we edit, for example, a "record1" - it becomes "record2" and so on - the link to the old object changes. need addition to the function "generateNewTitle" in file /administrator/components/com_bt_property/models/property.php
  15. I have generated new Keys, paid for Google's cloud service, and reinstalled module. Nothing has fixed my maps from giving me a Javascript error.
  16. Hi I need help with BT Google maps pro. The map is showing on all pages but 1. I'm told that this is a javascript problem, but I don't know how to fix this. The map is just white on this page: For now I have fixed the problem by adding a menu with map: but this is not the solution that I want. Can anyone help me? Kind regards Susan
  17. gile /public_html/administrator/components/com_bt_property/models/forms/property.xml and 31-38 strings - chek it, need to be like this (same) <field name="price_time" type="list" default="" label="COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME" description="COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_DESC" class="inputbox"> <option value="">JNONE</option> <option value="COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_HOUR">COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_HOUR</option> <option value="COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_NIGHT">COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_NIGHT</option> <option value="COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_DAY">COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_DAY</option> <option value="COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_MONTH">COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_MONTH</option> <option value="COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_YEAR">COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_YEAR</option> </field> frankly, I do not understand why the developers do not notice this mistake or do not recognize it
  18. Hi, I've used this slider for quite a while on our website; two separate modules - one for the English version (id="btcontentslider100"), one for the German version (id="btcontentslider109). For some reason the module doesn't display anymore on the German version of the website. English one works just as it always did. Somehow the German module writes "display:none;" - whereas the functional English version doesn't do that. I tried finding something that corresponds in the module settings, i tried copying the working module and then just switching where it should show which articles - but I can't get the BT Content Slider to display anything. I also updated the BT Slider Module / Component, and I run Joomla 3.8.12.. May be it stopped working during the update to this version, but I'm not sure if it worked before updating Joomla so I cannot say if the Joomla Update actually caused this. Can you please help me find out which settings I got wrong so that it works on one part of the website but not the other? THANK YOU! GERMAN VERSION - one that does not work, in the first DIV there's style="display:none. <div id="btcontentslider109" style="display:none;width:auto" class="bt-cs"> <a class="prev" href="#">Prev</a><a class="next" href="#">Next</a> <div class="slides_container" style="width:auto;"> <div class="slide" style="width:auto"> <div class="bt-row bt-row-first" style="width:100%"> <div class="bt-inner"> <a class="bt-title" target="_parent" title="HANDS UP - Eintauchen in die Welt der Gehörlosen" href="/index.php/de/aktuelles/99-hands-up-eintauchen-in-die-welt-der-gehörlosen"> HANDS UP - Eintauchen in die Welt der... </a><br> <div class="bt-center"> <a target="_parent" class="bt-image-link" title="HANDS UP - Eintauchen in die Welt der Gehörlosen" href="/index.php/de/aktuelles/99-hands-up-eintauchen-in-die-welt-der-gehörlosen"> <img class="hovereffect" src=" aktuelles.png" alt="HANDS UP - Eintauchen in die Welt der Gehörlosen" style="width:782px;" title="HANDS UP - Eintauchen in die Welt der Gehörlosen"> </a> </div> On the English Website (where it works fine) the above mentioned line is style="width: auto; direction:ltr;" <div id="btcontentslider100" style="width: auto; direction: ltr;" class="bt-cs"> <div class="slides_container" style="width:auto;"> <div class="slides_control"><div class="slide" style="width: 782px;"> <div class="bt-row bt-row-first" style="width:100%"> <div class="bt-inner"> <div class="bt-center"> <a target="_parent" class="bt-image-link" title="Blinder Passagier - Summer 2018" href="/index.php/en/current/100-blinder-passagier-summer-2018"> <img class="hovereffect" src="" alt="Blinder Passagier - Summer 2018" style="width: 782px; opacity: 0.5;" title="Blinder Passagier - Summer 2018"> </a> </div>
  19. Getting this message when I try to open a property: Too few arguments to function JHtmlSliders::panel(), 1 passed and exactly 2 expected thanks, Kevin
  20. Is that possible we can redirect user to a external url after login instead of menu item. I even created a menu item as external url and use that as menu item after login redirect but always getting 404 error so is that possible we can redirect user to external after login?
  21. I have a problem with marker, it's showing correct position only when is on default zoom level. When the map is zoomed in/out, marker moves to wrong position. Can this be fixed?
  22. hello friend: anyone know a solutions for main map in bt Property to hide the "for development purposes only". ???? thank you very much.
  23. Hi there, on my page I have a problem with the BT Property Map. In the first zoom of the map, you see for example 9 entries near Hamburg, you zoom in, and then there are only 6 entries. When you zoom further, then they are not showing anymore. Any know issues like that? Kind regards. Patrick
  24. Hi ! I have the same problem. As you can see on the attached, the thumbnail of the slider is cut. I have tried with the recommanded dimensions 180 x 120 pixels but the pic is pixellized Help please, it' urgent !
  25. Is that possible we can change text of login button to our desire one actually, i want to add more then one login module and each login will redirect user to different page depends upon module, so how to change text of login button? Please note that each login module should be of different text
  26. Hello I'm installing Template TRAVEL and in wanted to add the BT SLIDESHOW PRO which is also in template CORPORATE. Installation works well. Now I get as many users the problem that on wanting adding pictures over JOOMLA FOLDER the scripts tells he finds images and the process is completed but the shown templates are broken image links (see C1). Walking through the forum I tried different suggestions. Image folder is set to 777, I tried to give permissions to all PHP under formfields , GD support is enabled (version bundled (2.1.0 compatible) 2.5.2) , PHP 7.1.14. I don't see any errors . Any idea how I can solve this issue ? Thanks
  27. Hi. I am interested in purchasing the BT Slider Pro, but wanted to test the free version on a test site first. We are having problems getting the images to show. We use Admin Tools for security but we have added RewriteRule ^modules\mod_bt_contentslider.php - [L] to our .htaccess file. The test site we are using at the moment is Any suggestions would be appreciated. (Your module is titled NoHo Latest News.)
  28. Hi When I click the read more button in the frontend module, nothing happens. The text I expected to see doesn't show up. Any suggestion?
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