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  3. Almost a year and no updates. Anyone ever get this fixed?
  4. Product name Your invoice id Price Purchased date Expiry date Actions BT Property N 00009036 45.00 $ 23/06/2018 23/06/2019 Print invoice | Download
  5. Sorry but the seller dont provide support for any component or template. Have a nice day :)
  6. with me the same , i paid but i have not any aswer from bowthemes
  7. i have the same problem
  8. someone know why there are not any aswer from bowthemes service???
  9. Earlier
  10. i have problem with pictures, now appear in vertical not in horizontal. and also i need to change the simbil of $ to € in the property filter. thank you very much for help me.
  11. Propery option : no option to finish subscription for buyer - Created Date - Modified Date Article creation : this is ok but is not " propery componenet" - Start Publishing - Finish Publishing
  12. After you post an ad it becomes permanent is just the start option of the ad, missing expiration option.... valid until date missing. so after posting you will have to write on the paper and track daily until the date the customer paid the ad . This is the most important feature of the site and is missing outright .... is like a car without a wheel .
  13. How to remove print and save to favorite from template? I have look and don't finnd this option
  14. After some weeks I have found some developer , I pay extra cash,5$ for install by pas that error, 10$ for css edit , another css some tips :) Thanks for no suport what i buy from you. Thank you very much.
  15. hello: i need to hide country in search but i want use onle cities. when i hide country, cities not working in search. please, can you tell me how can i do to hide country and cities work in search??? thank you very much for help.
  16. Hello friends, Please, how can I show the city in the real estate listing? I would like to change the Address by City field.
  17. Are you guys still operating or just taking the money?
  18. Yes, the problem persist. BT Property Filter do not work.
  19. BT Property Filter do not work.
  20. Open /laguage/en-GB/en-GB.mod_bt_property_filter.ini Insert the lines: COM_BT_PROPERTY_CITY="City" COM_BT_PROPERTY_COUNTRY="Country" COM_BT_PROPERTY_DISTRICT="District"
  21. Is it possible to redirect to the originally requested secure page? Or a custom URL?
  22. I am trying to import locations by using the import tool but it is not working properly. I have an excel file with over 500 rows of data, but it will only import up to row 51. I tried deleting rows 1-51 in a second excel file and it will not import any of the data. In addition, I exported my site's locations then tried to re-import the same file that the site created and it will not import completely. It stalls half way through the import process. Where can I find troubleshooting details for the BT Properties to help me fix this issue of importing the locations. Also, when I import new data, does it overwrite the existing data, or does it parse it out and add it to the existing locations? My other concern is that when I import new location data, it disconnects any other data that is also connected to a specific property. Which means that I would have to go back through every property on my website and reattach the property to a location. Thank you for your help.
  23. Hi, I just tested my website with php version 7.2. The BT Portfolio Component doesn't work. If I take php version 7.0 it's working. Please be aware, that my service provide is switching to 7.2 by end of August 18. I am more than happy if you could test your Extensions and Template (BT Fitness) and bring them up-to-date. Kind regards, Marco
  24. I actually figured this out. On line 106 in the file: /components/com_bt_property/models/properties.php Changed this: }else{ $ordering = $params->get('p_ordering', 'ordering'); $orderingDir = $params->get('p_ordering_dir', 'DESC'); } to this: }else{ $ordering = $params->get('p_price', 'price'); $orderingDir = $params->get('p_price_dir', 'DESC'); } Hope this helps someone else.
  25. How can I change the default sort order to "PRICE - HIGHEST FIRST"? You can change the order using the "Sort by" drop-down, but I need the default sort order to be by price, highest first. Here is the page: Thank you so much, Ron
  26. ssl

    Nobody with an idea?
  27. Thanks brother
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