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  2. The map show in a property search is an extreme zoom, is there any way to set the zoom level produced from a search?
  3. Hi, I would like to remove the District from the BT Property Location. Can this be done and if so how? Thanks in advance
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  7. I’m trying to install ARISE2 free and I cannot get past the main configuration page on installation: I extracted the quickstart directory to the website directory, then called my website, The Main Configuration page shows up, the default language is German (as in the browser). Now I enter the desired data and fill every field and check the passwords, then I click Next . I get a couple of errors, the fields are empty again and the language selector has changed to English (UK): Field required: Site Name Field required: Admin Email Field required: Admin Username Field required: Admin Password Field required: Confirm Admin Password When I enter the information again, I get the same errors as before. What went wrong?
  8. Hello, about the BT Login module, which I have installed on my site for years: the version that is installed (see attachment) is 2.6.0. I downloaded 2.6.4 and installed it. At the end of the installation procedure the message is what you can see in the screenshot. It appears that the version remains 2.6.0. What does it mean? Is there a new release planned? Thanks, Daniele
  9. So I did a quick search to see if I could find a related topic and solution but with no luck so far. Problem at hand, when users of the site try to register, no emails are being sent to either the site administrator nor the user trying to register. The modular message box does load and states that an email was sent to user and administrator but nothing happens. What I've checked and tested so far: Joomla! Global Configuration tested email settings and test email did send, also checked the user profile to make sure that the administrative user that is supposed to be receiving the emails has the feature to receive system emails enabled. I cleared the site cache, I also tried to update the module from 2.61 to 2.64. So far, no luck. One curiosity though, when I updated the module, if i navigate to Extensions-> Manage-> Manage and look at the BT Login entry, it shows as version 2.6.4. But when I navigate to Extensions-> Modules and click on the module, the description is still referring to version 2.6.1. Do I need to completely uninstall the module first prior to upgrading? Anyway, my main concern is to get the registration process working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  10. Trying desperately to improve the SEO of my web site and have installed Route 66 Pro (same problem with Free version as well) and everything works well until I try to configure Route 66 Options in respect of Google PageSpeed. The problem parameter is "Optimize Javascript". If set to "No" then everything works; if set to "Yes", then irrespective of whether Optimization method is set to "File" or "Inline", BT Content Slider stops working - all that is displayed are the slider titles, the article images, etc. vanish! As per the attached images. I have tried changing the advanced settings in BT Content Slider but to no avail. Maybe it doesn't matter!
  11. Hi, I have a site ( were I use this great module for 3 years with K2. It is one of my favorite extensions and I'm very happy in use it. Unfortunately today it stopped showing the images for good. This problem is going on for over a year now and I have working around by deleting the cash memory. today (20190724) clearyng the cash is no longer solving this problem. I updated it to the version 2.3.11, but it is not working. I try to find a solution online, but I could not solved this problem. I like to ask your help for a solution. If it is necessary, you can also contact me by What's App (+5584 998442468) Thank you for your help. Best regards!
  12. Want to use Standard BT login/Joomla LOGIN form BUT Registration form from Membership Pro. Have successfully done Registration link from Registration button but now the login button links to a random page in Membership Pro. Membership Pro does not have a Login Module - just uses standard Joomla form. How do I link BTlogin Login button to Joomla login form? The way it works by default. Regards
  13. i've the same problem.....u have a solution?
  14. During export properties or other files....the service generated a error Ajax : "There is AJAX error". u can help me?
  15. Hello. I'd like to thank you for your awesome extension, it's really amazing. I would like to know if it's possible to pause transition on touchscreens when you have your finger on the screen, like it does with mouseover on computers. If it isn't possible, may that would be a great feature for a future update ;-) Thanks again for all your great work!
  16. Hi there, Google doesn't seem to like tags coming from BTSocial - getting error for AMP pages: The tag 'fb:like' is disallowed. " How can I disable the plugin for AMP pages? Thanks, Gina G.
  17. the template its based to Helix 3 framework and i think its that....because with the template Protostar its u have an idea to solve that problem?
  18. dears, great component but i ve a problem. i put in the HOME-PAGE 2 module property showcase in different position, the first work but the second it doesn't. it charging.....the image its that is u know why ?
  19. I have installed BT Content Slider into my J3.9 website. But it doeasn't display anything but the title. Inspecting the source code, I see that the divs btcontentsliderXXX are set to display:none <div class="modcontent clearfix"> <div id="btcontentslider183" style="display:none;width:auto" class="bt-cs"> <div class="slides_container" style="width:auto;"> I can force this to display:block via CSS, but would like to know why this happens. I've checked all the module options, but hav neot found anything that seems to cause this. Any help would be very appreciated.
  20. I have the same problem. I comment this line in bt_socialshare.php and is work for me. 154 - $url_image = $uri->getScheme() . "://" . $uri->getHost() . JURI::root(true) . '/' . $url_image;
  21. Hi i use bt contentslider on latest joomlaversion for source k2 category and all works fine. But when i create a menuitem for k2 categoryblog the url of the menu is inserted in the slider item-url (f.e the urlpart "available-en/executives/senior" becomes "allmanagers/senior" when activating the menuitem allmanagers), but i do not want this, the old url shall be untouched. Is this a bug or wanted and how can i avoid this?
  22. Hi bow theme. I would like to change the position of the intro text and date from this to this like the image under. I did set "Align Image" by "Left". Please show me the way. Thank you. I'm looking forward to your early reply. Chào bow theme. Em muốn chuyển vị trí ngày và intro text như hình bên phải. Cho nó nằm dưới category ý ạ. Em có set vị trí ảnh nằm bên trái rồi. Hướng dẫn em với nhé. Em cảm ơn bowtheme nhiều ạ.
  23. Hi I have installed BT Property, I m getting back page when I click on options, categories pages. Save buttons visible, but below that blank. Attached Screenshot. Template Used: SJ Topdeal by Joomla: 3.9.5 Thanks for any help
  24. Hello, Is it easy way to see login form without clicking or hover button, only after refresh site. For example when you refresh link (maybe special link) you should see login form like popup. For help thanks in advance Greetings Wiesiu
  25. I am now unable to view the map at I am getting the following error: Any ideas why that might be? Thanks, Paul
  26. bug

    bt login not working with yendif video share module. Javascript conflikt, see on
  27. Hello it is possible to upload local mp4 files via FTp and use it in Media Gallery. Where videos are stored?
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