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  4. Hello, First of all, thank you for this great module. In default.php view, I need to display the publish_up date instead of the creation date of a com_content article. My server time zone in Joomla global configuration is set on "Paris" which is GMT+2 currently. Lets say the creation time of an article is 17h04 GMT and the publish_up is 17h07 GMT. The original code is : <?php echo JText::sprintf('BT_CREATEDON', $row->date); ?> It displays : 19h04 which is correct (17h04 + 2) I want to use : <?php echo JText::sprintf('BT_CREATEDON', $row->publish_up); ?> But it Displays 17h07 which is incorrect. It should display 19h07 (17h07 + 2) Can you help me with this issue ? Thank you very much in advance, Regards, Vincent
  5. Hello, I Installed the last version of BT Google Map 2.1.1, everything work on Chrome but not in the other browser. I checked the last version of internet explorer, but even now isn't working.. Can you help me? Thanks
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  7. I was initially using version 2.1.0 and could only add 10 markers to the map. I sent an email to bowtheme support and was told that a newer version 2.1.1 would resolve the issue. It didn't and also broke the control to "show info on on load". The first response was timely but, I have yet to hear back on the secondary issue.
  8. Hi I am using BT Social Sharing plugin v2.4. My site is SSL but has mixed security due to some images. The Social Sharing pluging references http versions of png files for pinterest option. I have checked and https "versions" of these files exist. Can the plugin please be changed to reference those secure png files? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi! I use your map but I can't load more than 3 markers on the map. There's some limits or I have a problem with the module? Thank youuu!! :)
  10. Hello, From time to time, BT content slider disappears, and its content returns only after I clear the website cache and click control+F5 to clear the browser cache. I use conservative caching in Global Configuraion and also Jch plugin. In these disappearing modules, I have changed the caching in the Advanced tab to No caching, but it did not help and the BT content slider modules still disappear from time to time and return only after the cache is cleared.
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  12. Hi. Anybody solve this problem? I found in helper.php string: $price = number_format($price, $params->get('decimal', 2), $params->get('decimal_symbol', '.'), $params->get('thousands_sep', ',')); return str_replace(array('000','$'), array($price,$currency), $priceFormat) . ($priceTime ? '/' . JTEXT::_($priceTime) : ''); But what's next? Where from JTEXT::_($priceTime) take the value? As an option, I can change this text with the one I need, but it is bed solution((
  13. Hello, i was using the bt content slider module on my website, and everything was wonderful. Some days ago I updated both the joomla and the module to the most recent version, and after that, the images wont display, only the titles. I already reinstalled the previous version of the module and still wont work. Everything seems to work fine, exept for the images. I will apreciate any help. thank you. Maury
  14. Hi Which of the php functions should be enabled in order to properly send files? Unless the problem lies somewhere else?
  15. Hello, In my Joomla project, I try to display the two locations of my companies in two modules next to each other. At the beginning it also works. Both cards with the correct addresses are displayed. But as soon as I scroll in a map then the content of the second map changes and gets the contents of the first map. Even with different APIs I could not solve the problem. I hope you can help me. Greeting J├╝rgen
  16. hello, i have a problem with bt_login and hot_carousel. When i connect a user,the hot_carousel start slide up and after slide down. but when i'm not logged , everything it's ok. i search on the forum (here and but nothing. can you have a solution ?
  17. Hi, I have same problem. When sending comment, I get "Invalid Token". But your solution not working for me. BT Property Component 3.0.3 Joomla 3.6.5 Template BT Zoner
  18. Thank you again Tam.
  19. Hello ericyang, Please login to administrator -> Go to Extensions Menu -> Template Manage -> Edit your template -> "Layout" Tab -> Click to "Responsive Layout" ( Then drag the arrow to resize width of modules. Best regards,
  20. Dear Support, I am currently using the BT Content Slider on my site The articles are placed fine, however when I want to link the article to Facebook the image does not appear. I have used this module on another site,, and it works fine there. When I link an article to Facebook the image does appear. Why is not working on the site? Please let me know! Thank you.
  21. Hello, and thank you for this nice extension. How can I group Markers in de Mapview by zooming out? Thank you for your response
  22. Thanks Tam. You're a big help. May I ask you another thing please. I swapped the modules in position 1 with position 5 and position 2 with position 6. But their widths are different. I have been looking at the code but can't find where to change it. Could you please point out to me where i can do this? Thank you very much for your assistance.
  23. Hello ericyang, The animation to BT Shortcode in position2 included in the file: ../templates/bt_medical/css/effect.css Best regards,
  24. I've sorted this our Tam Pham. Thanks.
  25. Hi. Would appreciate help in attaching animation to BT shortcode in position2. Thanks a lot.
  26. Thanks!
  27. Hello Please, can we get answer on this? Joomla 3.6.5 BT Login 2.6.1 Regards
  28. Hi, In the past you developed a custom Google Maps module for me, I already sent this again via a support ticket. Since a few weeks it doesn't work anymore, see Can you check and maybe fix this issue? It's the newest version of Joomla in combination with the newest version of your plugin. Kind regards, Rens Lauwers
  29. Hello guy, You can increase height of the bottom bar by the way: add the style below to the file css: ../templates/bt_education/css/custom.css .header_top .container, .top_header_right {height: ??px;} To change color of the bar where the menu is. Add the style below to file custom.css: .header_bottom_inner_left {color: your_color_you_want;} Best regards,
  30. Hello guy, Could you send me your account administrator in a private message? I'll check it for you. Best regards,
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