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  3. Hello, Is there a tutorial for incorporating the Google Cloud Platform embedded map API? Does this work with the BT Google Maps Module 2.1.0? Thank you, Charles Young
  4. sombody can help me?
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  6. I also bought a template, but the link is not received. You have sent a link to the template?
  7. I have the same problem. Please help.
  8. Bonjour, Désolé pour le français... J'ai depuis quelque temps un message "Geocode was not successful for the following reason: REQUEST_DENIED! Map address: Chemin du Chêne 7 1020 Renens" J'ai cherché mais je ne trouve rien... Pouvez-vous m'aider?
  9. Hello! I paid for Template BT Travel $ 45 with PayPal on 26.11.18. PayPal Nov 2018 22:58:11 MEZ Transaktionscode: 89R88556JH55 I have sent in the ticket PRE-A82VP4G395 transaction number of PayPal. Also no answer. I have not received a link to download. How can I receive my paid product? They do not answer my message. Will I finally get a link to the product or my money back?
  10. how to add agent name in grid listing like this example and with a linkl from there name going to there listing Thank you
  11. Hi there, A problem occurs when I change the position of the module in Joomla's Protostar from 7 to 8. The content slider will simply not work correctly anymore. I've set up a test-page on Please have a look, you will see the problem right away, the module on the left is an identical copy of the module on the right. Thank you in advance for helping me out! Best regards, Derk
  12. After update Joomla 3.9.0 to 3.9.1 BT Content Slider died :-( Whats now??? Help me.
  13. Strange that there is not any reaction... But I hope that someone will give me now a reaction. If I understand it well than the "Google Embed maps API" is not enough or this is not the right one. Altough you can at a limit of visiters I don't want add a billing account at google! Why should I give them my Billing information if I put a limitation on the visitors? Reason: I don't want that google does have my credit card information etc. But to get the BT Google maps extension up and running than I suppose that I need to activate the following API's as well: Google Javascript API Google Geocoding API Google Maps directions API But for example for the "Google Javascript API", than an Google billing Account is necessary or ...? 'Now I don't have a billing account ant it works one time a per day. Is that right what I'm writing here? The second time you will gett "For development purpose only". Otherwise, if this is not right what I'm writing here, can somenone explain how to get this extension up and running? Or is there any documentation? Where can I find it? It is not at the documentation of "BT Google maps" pdf! With regards, Nico
  14. This happens when I use cash, I need to delete the cash to normalize. My host demand that I use cash. Any idea? Thank you.
  15. Hi, I'm having the same problem. Look at this image:
  16. When I attempt to create a new Portfolio, I get this error: An error has occurred. Return to Control Panel I am using Joomla 3.8.2.
  17. Hello, I have used the BT Google Maps voor the site of volleybalclub. This works fine but I was checking in the past weeks and now doesn't it work anymore. But can someone say which API must I choose? For now I have the "Maps Embed Api" enabled. But I get the error " Google Maps JavaScript API error: InvalidKeyMapError". But if I enable this API than the quota is 1, so 1 time it will works for the day! And the Google Maps Javascript API, is not free so we have to pay. Can someone explain or tell me which API do I need? I only will show a map with the address of the sporthall. I seems to me that it is not difficult but I hope that someone can help me out this. With regards, Nico
  18. Now when i click on button registration (i put the users component in the integrated component) start the joomla registration form in the home page. Its possible to change the page? or change the template?
  19. Hallo and many thank's for this component. I've inserted the id to exclude in my BT slider like: 10,13,14 but the slides still show in the slider. Version 2.3.11 Thank's for supports.
  20. Good day! Question on installation of the template BT Shopping: when I install the template bt_shopping_quickstart_j!3.8.x_3.1 and joomla asks me to mark the required language, instead of language packs a list of template plugins appears. The template is installed only in English. I set the Russian language in the control panel and website displays error 1054. Please make the necessary changes to quickstart.
  21. How can I remove this border box from the slide container? In my website ( I have to slides, but I only need to remove the border from one of them, How can I do it? Please take a look at the screenshot attached. Thanks for your help!
  22. I have the same problem, but I see there is no responses.
  23. after update joomla 3,9,0, the API field is missing the map is displayed in mode For develoment purposes only BT Google Maps Module Version 2.1.0
  24. My advice: do not buy anything here because they do not react! After the payment of money, you will not get the purchased product, do not count on the answer to the email or in the help department. The only thing that comes is an automatic response. I bought a component through paypal (more than a month ago), I did not receive any email confirmation of purchase, there is no purchase information on my panel. I did not receive an answer to my submission in the support. I have reported to Paypal and I am counting on a refund. Therefore, I advise you, do not buy anything, because they apparently do not work.
  25. Dear bow themes is in your future plans to add progressive loading on bt content slider? I am using it as a pagination alternative in bottom of each article i have seperated by article category. My issue is speed loading i use it in the bottom of the page showing in a horizontal bar the other articles of the category but it seems that it preloads all the articles of the category in one go when the page loads.. this can take time if someone has 400 articles. it would be nice when someone would press the scroll button to left or right....and trigger a load more like other masonry modules do when you scroll down a webpage and load the next 5 this would make pages load faster.
  26. i have joomla 3.6.5 and BT google map ver 2.1.2 but i have this problem
  27. Hi It's a couple of years since I had an issue with BT Google Maps, but as far as I can remember I resolve the problem by updating the BT module.
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