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  3. I'm using some div statements to generate columnar formatting in articles. The corresponding code looks like: <div class="grid-layout"> <div>Column 1 content</div> <div>Column 2 content</div> </div> That shows up fine in the slider as long as the first column contains text, when it only contains a plugin call like (a photo gallery): <div class="grid-layout"> <div>{igallery id=7617|cid=1142|pid=8|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}</div> <div>Column 2 content</div> </div> The slider shows some 'rubbish' instead of the gallery, like: //make arrays and classes for the category: tarzanparcours (id= 1142) jQuery(document) .... I wouldn't mind if the gallery isn't shown at all, it's just the rubbish text that is bothering me. Any suggestions ?
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  5. I'm using the BT property component together with the BT social share plugin. Unfortunaly they put the wrong image (from a module) when I share the property with facebook. Google does it right. Have anybody an idea why? My test property Thank you!
  6. OK, thank you for the answer. Do you need the german language file?
  7. hi i have a k2 item page: when trying to pin it to pinterest i get the following error: Empty URL
  8. My apologies! I just found the setting under the component options to choose what to use for commenting and updated that. All is well.
  9. Hello, when using comments in the BT Portfolio component. The comments form on the front end for a portfolio item uses captcha. It currently says "V1 Shutdown on 2018-03-31" direct site owners to I double checked the joomla recaptcha plugin and it is set to 2.0 so I assume the recaptcha for the commenting is built into the component somewhere and must be updated? I attached a screenshot.
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  11. Hi I've a problem with the login redirect. I need to redirect the users in a specific page after the login but the module redirect always at the home page. I've setting the correct page (see attach) but nothing. Whats could be the problems?
  12. Hi all! I've the same problem..... the login redirect doesn't work. I've tried to change the line in the default.php file but nothing happened.....
  13. Hello guy, I'm sorry for my replying so late. This is the custom layout in the BT Property template. The default layout of component just show on the first image. Best regards,
  14. the image slider has vertical thumbnails. only after updating the page several times the error is corrected. The problem would seem in the style that is inserted in the DIV of the class "property-carousel-thumb-inner", where height and width are inserted I do not understand how. see the site in underconstruction here:
  15. have you solved this problem? i've the same problem. in the code after this calss " property-carousel-thumb-inner " the php page put the" with" and "height" that force the thumbs to be arranged vertically! I am desperate. I do not understand how to solve.
  16. Helo Team, is it possible to create an additional field eg Vat-number to BT Login? Thanks for your answer. Thorp-Hansen
  17. Because i noticed that the old version of bt login that I use (2.6.0) is not comptible with Kunena, I try to upgrade bt login to the latest version. I downloaded that version, and i try to install with the Joomla installation manager. It completes succesfully, but the old version is still active. is there a workaround available? And as i said, I noticed that the old version is not compatible with Kunena Forum, is that a known issue? your’s sincerely, Robin
  18. Repair topic Language file does not translate everything I can not translate the module correctly.
  19. How can i change the h3 in title portfolio by h1(mosquiteras enrollables) Please i need your help Thanks
  20. How to translate BT Google Maps Pro in other Language. I need it in German
  21. Hello What should I do in BT Property Filter, when I have checked "Filter by extra fields" and type of a field is Textbox Range, in order to have it in one line? I would like to have this - image 1 not this - image 2 I can't find any information about that :( Please help. Thank you in advance. P.S. My versions is 1.4.2 (BT Property Component is 3.0.4 version)
  22. Hello! Thank you for a great extension. I just noticed I have an issue. In some of my items (not all) the title is being displayed on the right of the image AND continues below the image. Kindly see attachment. What I want is to make the title appear under my image only. I tried some of the things mentioned in previous posts (e.g. but nothing seems to work, even though I cleared my cache etc etc. Could anyone please help me out here?
  23. In my pages BT content slider suddenly stop showing the images. There is only image name and error thumb. You can see this in the attachment. If I open image link in a new tab it shows this: or this: 403 Permission Denied You do not have permission for this request /cache/mod_bt_contentslider/be077fa9dcd2b18d52e0b2385669dbde-11-15mushak.jpg Please what happen?
  24. Hi, i've got same problem. I add 9 markers and it was ok. Map loads with no problems. When I add 10th marker the error with "Geocode was not successful for the following reason: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT! Map address: " But my API is fresh, the limit is up to 2500 requests by day... Now I added over 100 markers and have 90 errors :) Could someone help? Is the pro version will solve my problem?
  25. Yesterday I started testing the bt property component and I have to say, that I'm very impressed! However, I'm surprised that my layout isn't the same like at the demo. On the property details page are the property features (Ausstattung) and map (Karte) shown as tabs - on my testsite as accordion. Also there is another layout relating the title, you can see it at the screenshot. Does anybody have an idea why that is? If someone is interested in a german language file... I almost finished it.
  26. Is there a way to enable the Google Maps Traffic Layer? Thanks, Micah
  27. Hello guy, I'm sorry for my replying so late. Did you solve this problem? Could you send me your account administrator site? I'll check it for you. Best regards,
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