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  2. I have some error in installation process ============ Warning: ini_set(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time in C:\wamp64\www\BT-Property\libraries\joomla\session\handler\joomla.php on line 45 Call Stack # Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0007 365336 {main}( ) ...\index.php:0 2 0.0717 2641144 InstallationApplicationWeb->execute( ) ...\index.php:27 3 0.0717 2641144 InstallationApplicationWeb->doExecute( ) ...\cms.php:261 4 0.0726 2641784 InstallationApplicationWeb->dispatch( ) ...\web.php:222 5 0.0828 3154736 InstallationControllerDefault->execute( ) ...\web.php:183 6 0.0939 3518064 InstallationViewLanguagesHtml->render( ) ...\default.php:117 7 0.1103 3804200 InstallationViewLanguagesHtml->render( ) ...\html.php:48 8 0.1119 3837472 include( 'C:\wamp64\www\BT-Property\installation\view\languages\tmpl\default.php' ) ...\html.php:148 9 0.1260 3956824 JHtml::_( ) ...\default.php:108 10 0.1268 3959480 JHtml::call( ) ...\html.php:139 11 0.1268 3959616 JHtmlForm::token( ) ...\html.php:237 12 0.1268 3959616 JSession::getFormToken( ) ...\form.php:31 13 0.1268 3959616 JFactory::getUser( ) ...\session.php:280 14 0.1268 3959616 JFactory::getSession( ) ...\factory.php:236 15 0.1268 3959672 JFactory::createSession( ) ...\factory.php:176 16 0.1269 3960160 JSessionHandlerJoomla->__construct( ) ...\factory.php:597 17 0.1269 3960240 ini_set ( ) ...\joomla.php:45 ==================================== And the big problem . This template is release on Last update: 10/21/2016,but component is very old why you dont write that this template use old version on your template,I did not find these details on the purchase page. Please provide new component otherwise is useless . - old component BT Quick Contact please update to 2.1.7 - BT Tabs please update to Latest version : 2.1.3
  3. Do you have some plans to update your template ? It is very nice but unfortenatly is very old. Edit: I am not free member already bought template from your website for 1 year support
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  5. Hello, any help on that issue please? Thank you.
  6. BT slideshow pro not working properly. When i open any existing or new BT slideshow module I do not see all the editing options, I cannot assign any menu item. See attached screenshot.

    BT slideshow pro error.PNG

  7. Hello, i am using BT Background SlideShow as a slider banner module. I have added some text on the banners which is shown on desktop devices, but if you use mobile or tablet, the text doesnt show up. Do you have any idea why? Thank you in advance
  8. Hello, I have a very strange issue with the BT Property. While I create or edit a Property, I cannot save, save and close, close etc. I click on the buttons but nothing happens. I tried with different PCs, different network, different browsers but the problem exists. Here is the error I get in firebug, for different browsers: Mozilla Firefox: TypeError: o is null e.submitform e.submitbutton onclick Google Crome: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'task' of null at Object.e.submitform (eval at <anonymous> (index.php?option=com_bt_property&view=property&layout=edit&id=217:1), <anonymous>:1:213) at Object.e.submitbutton (eval at <anonymous> (index.php?option=com_bt_property&view=property&layout=edit&id=217:1), <anonymous>:1:481) at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (index.php?option=com_bt_property&view=property&layout=edit&id=217:137) Microsoft Edge: SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'task' of undefined or null referenceeval code (2) (1,169) Could you please help me solve that critical issue? Thank you in advance.
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  10. Hi, Could someone please tell me how to get the login form to integrate with everything. I can login the forum and then enter jomsocial, but when I use the BT social connect login my user name doesn't work. I would like users to login from BT social connect ONLY not from the forum or Jomsocial. Thank you.
  11. Hi, when I click on one of the image in the slideshow, the article appear below the module. I would like to disappear the module when I open the full article. How can I do it? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I have a few questions: 1- I bought the template yesterday but the modules need updating.shouldnt the latest updated version of the modules be included? 2- Could you please tell me from where do I edit the test that is showing on the pics using the background slideshow module. I cant find it. thank you
  13. Hello, when I press the toggle full-screen button, the maps overlaps over the rest of the page contents. You can take a look here: Thanks, V.G.
  14. ssl

    Yes, same here. Works fine with SSL off. How to fix this?
  15. I tried to move the maps and points to a new page. After importing, the attempt to display the map looks like this. I pointed out that the email addresses included in the descriptions are a problem. If the description of the point does not have an e-mail address, it shows up correctly if the address that is entered is shown in the attachment.
  16. ssl

    I turned off SSL temporarily and it worked. Is there an update for this?
  17. ssl

    Same exact problem here. Can't save images. Fails every time.
  18. Are U there ?

  19. Hello, i use BT Background Slideshow to show images. Now i have ssl enabled on my page. Since switching to SSL i can't save images by click on Button "Get Images" inside the module. Can somebody help me to fix that problem?
  20. Hi , Is this forum still active? I posted a question at the end of this post
  21. When I enable the Show Articles from Sub-Categories option, the map will stop displaying. Even in a single article. Only the frame is displayed.
  22. It does not display maps in BLOG. A displays in a single article and module. Work Did not work. The map is placed in the commentary to the category.
  23. Hello Irene, can I accomplish this with content slider? on my site, under responsive, it shows 3 rows & 1 column. I want to show 1 row and 1 column. This way it looks better and reduces page legth best wishes Herby
  24. hi, in your demo of content slider, there are 3 columns. in mobile view, the 3 columns become 3 rows. Is it possible to keep it 1 column & 1 row while in mobile view? Warm regards Herby
  25. Dear BTMaps! Your awesome maps have stopped workign after the last JOOMLA updates. Will you fix them, please? Thank you, AnDee!
  26. Hi Defende You need to check intro text styles and change to break white spaces: .bt-introtext { white-space: normal; }
  27. Hi, Since I update Joomla from 3.8.7 to 3.8.8 the BT GOOGLE MAPS MODULE VERSION 2.1.0 is not working anymore. There are no errors.
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