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  2. Hi This is now a ghost website. I also have tickets and forum posts unanswered for year. Just look forum posts dates and zero reply counter Many of their modules stopped working ages ago so you are on your own here. My advice: ask your CC company or Paypal for refund because you haven't got what you're paid for. Regards
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  4. ok. it`s cache problem, please delete topic.
  5. HELP ME!!!! HELP MI.....
  6. Hello, i have set bt content slider and news show gk5 both to public, both show not up, (if i log in as admin they show up.) everything works normal for public access exept those 2 moduls -they worked fine since yesterday for years, now something is broken. Only thing i changed was to create a new usergroup(already deleted it but bug stays) anyone an idea how to become these moduls public again?(moduls are set public, articles and groups also) One of the sliders should be here:
  7. Hi, I bought JExtension membership plan but I waiting 6 days. They take the money, but they do not provide services. This is a very bad situation for a company. Look at the attachment. This is a disgrace. Give me money or give me my plan...
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  9. Support is there? Is the module supported by the developers?
  10. I ask for help. I expose the module in the top menu gives an error. I expose the module on the right works normally. Disconnected all the plugins, it did not help. What to do? Website address
  11. Same problem today
  12. Hi, If I use code like e.g. {igallery id=5893|cid=1121|pid=8|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0} in my article, the slider shows some text like: /make arrays and classes for the category: <name> (id= 983) jQuery(document)..... Is there a way to get rid of this ?
  13. Hello, I would like on the search result in lines page to put everything on one line. I explain myself for the moment the characteristics which put this: 3-5 days lasted | 250 beds capacity | All year welcome periods I would like: Duration: 3-5 days (formerly price) | capacity of reception: 250 beds | welcome period: all year I can not find in the template files or change. In screen image what i would like to do. Thank you for your help
  14. how to solve this problem?
  15. BT Google map module for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x (mod_bt_googlemaps_j2.5& - updated this module and nothing has changed
  16. Hello After updating the BT Property component for Joomla 3.x component to version 3.0.4 and the BT Property Filter Module to version 1.4.2, there were problems with the search.
  17. Hi, I'm trying BT Login, the login butto apperas but not the registration button any idea?
  18. Hello, When i use the media slideshow on there are no images in the gallerys! The Titlecategory image is shown but the other images are not shown. I get just a white screen with next und previous buttons. When i use the skitter slideshow all images are also not shown. When i use "None" all Images are shown! I have update Joomla to 3.8.4 und use the bt_portfolio 3.1.4
  19. How is it possible to fix the problem?
  20. hey there! i'm using bt content slider embeded in content of my homepage. works fine so far. by clicking the link to get the content in specified category all other modules like menue, slideshow etc. disappear. these modules have an assignement to special menue items. what can i do!? thanks in advance for your help regards from austria peter
  21. hi everyone I tries to translate the extension into arabic but it doesn't work correctly I tried to translate front-end: /language/en-GB.com_bt_property.ini /language/en-GB.mod_bt_property_filter.ini /language/en-GB.mod_bt_property_map.ini but I don't know there is something wrong !!! it shows the english only but no arabic even if I make new files for arabic language language/ar-AA.com_bt_property.ini /language/ar-AA.mod_bt_property_filter.ini /language/ar-AA.mod_bt_property_map.ini still nothing happened even I tried to replace english phases with another english phases it does not work would you please help me BT ? I am looking forward to contact you for purchase be I can't reach you Thank you
  22. I have same issue with only 3 markers showing
  23. Hi, if I share an article, (example :é ) the content of the post appears wrong and not correspondent to article content. I have verified the OG Tags of the page and they are correct. Any Idea ? Thanks in advance. Bye.
  24. Hi, I have several places (clubs) on a pro map that use the same location so they overlap on the map, which is very undesirable. I found a possible solution, but I'm not sure how to implement it with BT Google Maps Pro. It's called, "Overlapping Marker Spiderfier for Google Maps API v3". Details for it can be found here, . How/what do I do to implement this so that it works with BT Google Maps Pro?
  25. Hi, I have done the API thing on Google I have imported a youTube movie I have also impoted images the combination works great Here is the problem: Go to wait until after 2 slides YouTube movie will start then a few slides will come now the YouTube will start again BUT: It does not autoplay What do I need to do to fix this. Can you please help :-( Thanks :-)
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