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  2. The specific extension is very usefull and without problems until today that I update to joomla 3.8 and I get errors like this: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$image_intro in /mnt/data/vhosts/ line 225Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$image_intro in /mnt/data/vhosts/ line 225 Please fix it.
  3. First of all I would like to say awesome module and thanks. Does anyone know how to disable the popup message that appears after registration? Can the code be commented out and where is it?
  4. Hello guy, I'm sorry for my replying so late. Please help me login to administrator site -> Extensions -> Module Manage -> BT Slideshow Pro module -> Click to Edit button under each thumbanail to enter your title and description of slideshow. Then go to "Layout Setting" Tab enter your Caption width and caption height to set width and height slideshow. Best regards,
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  7. Hi, today I have the same problem again on the version of BTLogin 2.6.4, I tried to follow your advice again to change from single to double quote (' > ") but this time it did not work... New tips??? As always thank you in advance for the support;)
  8. Malinovski I love U man, it works for me !
  9. Any suggestions on how to solve the background issue? Thanks Lene
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  11. In newer version of Joomla 3.7.5 BT login doesn't work. I get the error Ajax Request Failed when I try to login. Any fix. I have newest version. 2.6.4
  12. Hello, Is it possible to change the black background colour for YouTube video thumbnails using css? I have tried various options but no luck. Thank you Kind regards Lene
  13. Are there any plans to switch to to the non cookie version of the Google Maps API via or make it an option? I tried it changing the helper.php and it works fine. I tried to do a template override for the helper.php but that doesn't seem to work and don't like the idea of modifying the original file, just to forget about it with the next update. Thanks
  14. Hello jojospecial, Please help me submit a new ticket and send me your account administrator. I'll check it for you. Best regards,
  15. When I click to image, is there no modal image, like the demosite...
  16. Hello Admin, the same here.... where is the modal image?
  17. Anyone??? is this site still up??? Nobody answers anything!!!
  18. Hello, how can I disable the artical-header-text in the content from accordion layout? The user can allready read the artical-header-text in the header from accordion-sheet. Thanks!
  19. Hello, thank you for the perfect plugin. Please, I have the same message: Another plugin has redirected the page on login, Please check your plugins system. Please, if can check for me! Kind regards ,,,
  20. Hi unfortunately this not worked. every combination I tried is the same.
  21. Can somebody help please, i would like my mobile menu in Bt Travel to be collapsed and only display the main menu items and not all menu items at once, and when a main menu item is selected then it expands to show its sub menu items, can anybody help? Thanks
  22. Hi, In google maps pro, I have added several regions and places but had to set the Show infowindow option to "no", because when set to yes, the search function and place filter didn´t work at all. Is it possible to have the infowindow opened on a search/filter hit? So that only the one place searched/filtered for has it´s infowindow opened? please help regards Baljinder
  23. Ciao, scusa il mio inglese, prova a modificare il parametro Joomla Content Position al tab Advance Config inserendo Above article
  24. Hi, I am using the BT google maps pro module, and I'm having problems getting the places centered in the map. When I add a new place, the pin is centered in the back-end map. But when viewing in the front-end, the pin usually shows in the top left corner, and sometimes outside the map showing on the screen. This is quite annoying, and this problem was not in the free version. Please help. best regards Baljinder
  25. BT Content Showcase 2.4.8 is displaying an error with the Default Layout. The images should be appearing horizontally, but they are appearing vertically. See in -> Recuperações Judiciais Before upgrading to Joomla version 3.6.0 and BT Content Showcase 2.4.2: After upgrade Joomla to 3.7.5 and BT Content Showcase 2.4.8 Joomla Version 3.7.5 Template: BT Arise 2 - Version 1.0 BT Content Showcase 2.4.8 T3 Framework version 2.6.6 My Configuration:
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