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  1. hi there, still Paypay showing the V Smart Tech when i checkout. Please see the attached screen [attachment=505]paypal.png[/attachment]
  2. hi there, i cancled the payment. For the email address, i never enter any email address to pay. it's filled automatically by paypal when i checked out the BT Image Gallery from your website. I'll order again now. Thank you
  3. Please accept the payment and send me the download link. Thanks
  4. Name: payment@vmsarttech.com (The recipient of this payment is Unregistered) 08 Apr 2012 Payment To payment@vmsarttech.com Unclaimed ... -$15.00 USD is the transaction still pending to process in Paypal ?
  5. hi there, How to download BT Image Gallery ? I paid already via Paypal. Unable to see any download link. Please let me know how to download. Thanks
  6. working after i change the value for Load JQuery. Thank you very much :)
  7. Hi there, I have installed the BT Content Slider and follow the steps in the video tutorial but Content slider not working for me. Please help me !! i'm using Joomla 2.5 with the free BT ARISE - NOV, 2011 TEMPLATE. [attachment=360]contentslider.png[/attachment]