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  1. www.houseofmobiles.co.nz Joomla 3.4.8 VM: 3.0.14 The login does not show the field labels like username, password. The Modal Pop-up options has been selected. The register is not opening the pop-up, but as a new page. I have selected default Captcha. Even that is also not showing at the registration page.
  2. But what is the solution to the query.
  3. URL: www.raunharman.net I have specified the size of the images to be 1920 x 1070px at the backend. The images are of the same size, but at the front end, the slideshow images are not showing up properly. What should be done to show them in a proper way.
  4. URL: www.raunharman.net/new I had a paid subscription which expired three months ago. Due to some resons, the work could not start on the template at that time. Now when the work has started, my subscription has expired. In the BT one page template I need few changes:- 1. Is it possible to reduce the height of the slideshow. At present it is 1047px. 2. The field width of the fields in BT Quick Contact is different for name and e-mail fields. How do I make it same for all fields.
  5. I need to reduce the height of the caption box and also show it as transparent. Do I change slideshow_content.png to transparent or some other file.
  6. How do we reduce the height of the caption box. I need to show just one line.