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  1. I installed it again, nothing. I am afraid of losing all my work when I uninstall the component first? Is there any backup/export available? I really don't understand how a component can run on a website and "disappear" :(
  2. Also I noticed that when I want to add a (Youtube) video in media it always says "Video not found", I have tried quite a few videos. With the URL, just the last bit, etc. Nothing works? Cheers, Ronald
  3. Hi there, Thanks for this component but I tried to customise it a bit and could not find css/etc files. When I look on the site the css seems to be /components/com_bt_portfolio/themes/default/css/style.css but when I look at the site in FTP there is nothing there, not even the folder. Is it somehow logged differently or am I missing something? Probably am :) Hope you can help! There is also nothing in languages etc visible of the component. I have reloaded the page numerous times but nothing "Solved" the issue (temporarily) by adding the css I want in template.css but I don't think that's the way to go :) Cheers, Ronald