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  1. Thanks so much for this....Why I didn't think of this before :( , it is so obvious :rolleyes: David
  2. We only allow people to login to our site. So I have turned off Registration Button on the module options. But when the Modal pop up appears the Sign up link is there? How do I get rid of the Sign up link? ANy help would be useful Thanks David
  3. Many Thanks for this . I will try this out and get back with the results.
  4. The default date display in the module is to display the creation date. Is it possible to display the Finish Publish date ? I realise this may need code change. I would also like to do it for just one version of the module and not a change to all versions. Is this feasible without causing big problems. Thanks for any help? David
  5. Ok, Noted! Thanks again
  6. Thanks for the code change. I assume this will only work with our template (T3_Blank from Joomlart) as #ja-header refers to the template css. Users using another template may have to change the style2.0.css according to their own templates?
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELP.........Great support. For other peoples benefit it would be useful to know what you changed?
  8. I have sent detail of login to your email. If you have not received it for any reason please email me at david.unwin@marylebone.org David
  9. Hi Thanks for all your help will this, it is really appreciated. Unfortunately this code did not work either. I will contact the template developers and see if they have an answer . kind regards David
  10. Hi, I changed the files modules/mod_bt_login/assets/css/style2.0.css I added the z-index as your described From line 282 } #btl-wrap-module{ padding-left: 25px; padding-bottom: 20px; } #ja-header{ z-index:12; } This did not make any difference I then went into my template CSS made this change: #ja-header .main { border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc; z-index:12; } Again this made no difference ? I have zipped the two files as they are now in the attached zip file [attachment=723]MyDocuments.zip[/attachment]
  11. Hi, Many thanks for your help, very much appreciated The web site is www.marylebone.org I have set up a test account with the user name 'test' password 'test2012' Kind regards David
  12. I have my BT Login Module positioned above my main menu. The login comes up in a modal box which is fine. the Logout can only be a drop down not modal. When I click on the logout, the logout panel is covered by the html from my main menu. I have set Z-index to 999 on the module, but it makes no difference. How can I get the logout panel to come to the front? See example and my settings
  13. I have set up Content Slider using the Read More Function and to load the relevant article in a new window. When you click on the Read More the text of the article comes up in the window but without the Title or any attributes ie. Author, date etc. I can't see anywhere in the module parameters where you can set to have the title and other attributes loaded in the article.. Does anybody know how to do this? I am running Joomla 2.5.4 at the JAT3 Blank template. to see what I mean go to my web site www.marylebone.org and click on any of the articles.