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  1. Hi there. I can't find menu like the picture, too. :huh:
  2. Hi BonaFide. As what you said, You have had a problem. It is above, right? Come back to my reply. I saw you use module custom HTML. And i think if you disable this module or remove some "p" tag in it's content your site will look better. Let try again.
  3. Hi there. It is ICEMegaMenu. You can download it in here
  4. Hi again. I'm afraid of this. I can't know exactly which file it is. It belongs on your source. Ofcourse it must be css file that defines style for your logo (html element). Good luck
  5. Hello. You should describe your problem more clearly and attach some images of it :D
  6. Hi there. I guess your site has some error with javascript. You should try to check it. Good luck.
  7. Plz attach images and url of your site :D
  8. Hi hunter205. I found reason of your problem. It is attribute "background-color: #FFFFFF;" of HTML element that has id "fbPhotoSnowliftCaption". You should remove it. And if you want to change background of modules, you can instead background images of template by orther ones. More simply, you only need change main color of template. Have fun :D
  9. Hi there. Picasa albums and photos are loaded from RSS. It must be published. Have fun :)
  10. As i see, You have 2 items in the slide and both js and css seem to be good. So how many columns and row did you set in back-end?
  11. Hi there! To turn off category and article titles, You need to switch "Show Title" and "Show Category Name" in "Item Layout Settting" to "No". But I think you shouldn't turn off article titles because it links to your articles Have fun.
  12. Hi there! As website gave by you. That logo is in absolute position (css) and with absolute position you can design one element on above layer any orther elements as long as it's z-index (css) larger than orther's one.
  13. Hi there. I think it is seem impossible with the module. So, if you only have 4 articles why don't you set columns is 4. When you have more ones, you can re-set.
  14. Hi there. This module is using background image for caption ( it's class is label-skitter). The image is "back-box-label-black.png" You can instead it by another one.
  15. Hi there. To change font and color of content title, you can change css in "btcontentlslider.css" of class ".bt-title".