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  1. Hello, it possible to add captcha to contact form agent
  2. I have the same problem, works in BT Property Showcase, but not in property details.
  3. Hello, can you tell me about multilanguage site with this component.
  4. sorry BT Media Gallery Solved upgrade 1.2.1
  5. Hello, I would like the window that opens when clicking images or videos, have the same view as different screen sizes. the problem is that it looks small in the larger view of 1038 px. Mainly in vimeo videos http://www.laorotava...eria-multimedia sample images attached
  6. Sorry you have not understood me. the url is ok now. I have not solved the problem
  7. Hi Tronghm ist ok now thanks
  8. Hi Published in debug position
  9. Hi tronghm I followed your instructions to the letter. I have cleaned browser cache and joomla I've had in crhome and firefox, but not working.
  10. Tronghm Thanks, but I fail to understand. I tried activating Feed back but the popup does not open while there is a mistake. You can give me an example of HTML element ID as button. The URL of my page where the module is as follows: http://www.turismolaorotava.org/areas-municipales/areas-ayuntamiento/bienestar-social
  11. Hello, I am trying to configure quick contact popup, but no button does not appear to me to open the popup. I think I'm not doing it right the HTML Element ID. They could help me at this point. thanks