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  1. I have installed this really wonderful plugin to my new site on Joomla 2.5.1. It is really very good, but... I live in Russia. Despite a spread opinion, Russia is a country, in which the Internet is developing quickly. And what is the most popular social network in Russia? No, not Facebook (though it IS also popular in my country)... The most famous network for Russians is "VKontakte" (which is the Russian for "InContact"). Now it contains more than 100 million members, not only in Russia, and not only Russian speaking, of course. Their statistics in English is here. So, my request to the developers is as follows. Please, include this network to the list of your plugin. Or even help, consult, how to do this. The page for getting the "Like" code for "VKontakte" (analogically with Facebook, it is a bit similar) is here. The page for getting the "Comment" code, also important, is here. I doubt that I can do it myself. Please, help (not only me, but many Russian users). Thanks beforehand. === Mihail O.