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  1. Bonjour,

    merci beaucoup pour le module BT Content Slider mais j'ai un souci .

    je veux utiliser ce module dans différentes pages et dans chaque page je dois configurer ce module avec catégorie différente.

    aidez moi SVP je n'ai pas pu trouver la solution.


  2. About the BT Login:


    How can i add a message to new user alerting him to check his spam or junk mail when a user registers on the site when notification is sent?

  3. hi this is an error i just got dont know how to solve it. Strict Standards: Declaration of Bt_mediaTabledetail::_getAssetParentId() should be compatible with JTable::_getAssetParentId(JTable $table = NULL, $id = NULL) in /home/www/ on line 200

  4. Oh. Thanks so much for your sharing.
  5. I'm glad to hear that. Please remember backup code when you upgrade the module. Enjoy it.
  6. Hi Eddy. I'm sorry i can't help you for this requirement. You need to create a finder plugin for your own data.
  7. Nothing at all. You are welcome. Best regards
  8. Hi Christos. First, thanks so much for using our extension. For this problem, i think that there is javascript error, but i don't have any idea for reason. Please help me check it by using Element Inspector tool of browser (open browser click f12) I recommend Firebug add-on on Firefox. Please follow these steps: 1. Open BT content slider setting page on browser 2. click F12 3. open tab Console in the tool window. 4. reload the webpage 5. Check if there is javascript error when page load or after click Save button.
  9. Hi afshin. I'm sorry, it is impossible. The component only support you create a text extra field then enter embed code.
  10. For lowercase problem, i don't have any idea for reason. Because i follow this document to get date format %d will return day from 01 to 31 %B will return full month name : January to December with first word is uppercase. But i have a trick please try to use function ucwords like this echo ucwords(strftime('%d %B %Y', strtotime($row->created)));
  11. I'm glad to hear that. Enjoy it.
  12. Nothing at all. Welcome.
  13. Hi Jimmi. Thanks so much for using our extension. With your problem. I have a question. You said " Do you mean some buttons are hidden as i marked in this image If yes, you can remove this CSS rule to solve it, but you had better ask your template developer to solve it For problem "On the facebook connect tab, only the share button is showing, and only when it is selected as "Share image"." Can you tell me more details?
  14. Did you check it with Firebug as i said? I'm sure that i must be a javacript error, reason can be a conflict with other plugin or there is PHP error in Ajax response. Please check it again.
  15. Hi Afshin. At the moment the component can work with mulitple languages site but you need to create property for each language. For example, you have English and Italia you need to create 2 properties and re-upload image for both of them. We are finding a best solution for this problem. I hope we can release new version soon.