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  1. I want to renew my subscription. I need a discount coupon
  2. I need your support. BT installed the game and so I installed the translation into en the site malfunctioned. See the problem at the address below Site address / portal
  3. yes,, background of body
  4. I need your help. I want to remove the transparency of the Body of the template BT Metro. Help me to do this.
  5. My inscription is not for extensions and templates rather
  6. My inscription is not for extensions and templates rather
  7. I managed to do the installation, following the hint of another person who had the same problem .. At the time I did not activated the install sample content. And in the end - the Content sample was installed.
  8. Sascha D. Kasper Thanks to you. I followed your tip and managed to install Package BT Metro. Problem partly solved .. It is rather strange behavior of this BT Metro. Only install if it is not triggered installation of the Sample Package
  9. I am a member of the club Bow Theme - I'm signing partner IYWQ4MDkwMjM5ZWU1 04/26/2013 59.00 USD PayPal Print INVOICE DATE: 04/25/2013 14:40:04 INVOICE #: 35280 CUSTOMER ID: amaral amaral Reference Number: IYWQ4MDkwMjM5ZWU1 VSmartTech JSC. Invoice to be paid in 7 days By VSmartTech JSC Account Holder's Name: VSmartTech, JSC Bank Name: VIETNAM EXPORT IMPORT JOINT-STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK Street Bank Add: 60 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi City, Vietnam Bank Account Number: 170014851010261 Bank Routing / Swift Code: EBVIVNVXLHA Tax Code: 0102262082 You Membership Plan You plan membership is J! Basic. This account is active until: 26/08/2013. 84 Days left.
  10. Already tried on several hosts and none of them Quickstart BT Metro does not install. And everyone is updated on any host managed to install. I tried to install the Host Dime, Dream Host Gator and host and not install. Did the process that was recommended by you guys. Inserting the xml file in the template folder., And not install. I NEED OF A SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM
  11. I'm having the same problem .. My server is fully updated. My Mysql is current. Php also .. I put in the XML templates. But unfortunately I can not install BT Metro. This problem is happening only with the BT Metro video
  12. veja o video
  13. Hello, I'm using version 1.0 BT Metro. I have a problem in one of the modules, see the video attached
  14. I have a big problem. Version 1.1 of BT Metro does not install on servers with MySQL lower than 5.1. You have a BT Metro version for Joomla 2.5? The Bt Metro version 1.0 has a programming error in one of the modules. You have the corrected version BT Metro Mysql less than 5.1?