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  1. For some reason the BT Content Slider (v.2.3.10 on Joomla 2.5.28) has stopped pulling through images from certain articles (they were displayed before with no issues). Please advise what would cause this problem.
  2. Joomla Version 2.5.28 VirtueMart 2.6.22 I am having an issue with the placement of the product image on some of the product pages. Usually it is to the left of the pricing, but on certain products it appears on the right and above the pricing (as per attached pic) Additionally, for some reason the "Choose a Product Variant" Button (which is a moot feature as I use a drop down variant selector) is always cut off (also, as per attached image). Can anyone advise how I resolve these? The support guys at VM say that it is a CSS issue hence my post here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Seriously? 3 months and no reply? I am seriously glad that I never bought any of the templates from BowThemes. Guess I will be developing the website using another companies template from here on in.
  4. Good Morning I upgraded joomla to the latest version of 2.5.28 and since then the contacts page no longer works (no contact details are reflected nor does the Contact Form propogate (Contact Page). Am still running the initial BTARise template (will be moving to the BTArise2 template in due course, but the Joomla 2.5.x to 3.x migration is proving disasterous. Looks like I will be rebuilding the site from scrtach in respects of that). Your assistance will be appreciated.
  5. Morning Kien Thanks for the above. How will this effect the changes I have made to the template (specifically the logo which obviously is bespoke). Kind regards, Craig
  6. Not to worry. I did an update to the T3v2 System Plugin and it seems to have resolved the issue.
  7. I have quite a confusing problem with the Content Slider. I develop my site locally to make sure that all components, plugin's etc work smoothly before uploading to hosting server for live site (as I am sure so many people do). The content slider works perfectly on local host, but the version on the live site has a problem in that only some of the images in Content Slider show, while others do not. What could be the cause of this anomaly? Live site is Content Slider is on the homepage.
  8. How important is it to update the template on my site? I have already updated all the modules (login, slider etc). Is there any real benefit to updating the template at this juncture?
  9. These are already set to value "0"
  10. SSL is not enabled for the site, yet when using BTLogin to sign up, it then points me to an hhtps page. Why is this and it does not explain why the user cannot login with the newly created login username and password even though the user now exists on the system and is activated. Given the numerous issues that I am having with BTLogin (and due to the possibility of having to use ssl in the future thereby necessitating using https protocols when this is effected) and the continuous CSS issues with the template, I am going to have to switch to another template system where these issues will not arise.
  11. Tampt Did you ever find resolution to this issue?
  12. I am now reaching the end of my tether and about to dump the entire development using the BowThemes products as I am getting nowhere with it. In addition to not being able to use reCaptcha as per above, now when I register a new user, on completion it points to an https page so does not resolve and even when the user has been activated, when inputting the username and password on the login JS, it returns the error that the userbname and password do not match when they do!
  13. I have changed the permissions for params.ini as requested
  14. Hi Tampt Browse to one of the products and "add to cart". When the pop up appears, click on "go to cart". Click on "Add/Edit billing Information". If you are using IE, you will see the issue I am referring to.
  15. Morning Tampt I have sent you the details. Kind regards,