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  1. hello, when page load i get 2 popup errors in my site Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS! Map address: Shlomo ha-Melekh St 37, Kiryat Ono Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS! Map address: Yaldei Teheran 3, Rishon LeTsiyon its use to work fine and now its shows this error ? please advice how to fix ? i needed to delete this 2 makers with this addresses because the site is live with marketing campaign...
  2. hello, in my site i get this JS error "Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired:" on util.js:30 link to my site: please advice ?
  3. hello, i just download the latest version and i get this error... when trying to log in "error: Ajax request failed!" my log path is ok and still i get this error ? please advice ? my site:
  4. thanks for quick answer, its not working if i adding the value -100 but its do working id i add the value -99 or -below 100 if your company will develop plugin like this i will help you to test it, its exist for a long time in WP but in Joomla no one yet created easy way to do it for end users.. it will make your company lots of money :) i will buy it, its making the website design really good, BT Google Maps module is the closest one for making it with your great module.
  5. hello, after i created map i cant add Saturation value, when i do add -100 i get this error "Saturation of style not valid! Please check it and try again!" please advice ? another thing, do you have any tutorial or ready sets of map styles ? i mean i'm trying to create map style and its taking me days.. to create all the styles types ? maybe i'm doing it wrong but its not so user friendly, i'm trying to make map like this "" but its not so simple like paste this code. lets say i worked hard and created good map style ? can i export it to use in other sites ?
  6. sorry, i found the error coming from other module :)
  7. hello, my site gives 2 JS Console Errors link to site something in the file "showcaseFX.js:1" code: Uncaught TypeError: i.getElements is not a functionslidebox @ showcaseFX.js:1(anonymous function) @ (index):342g.condition.i @ mootools-core.js:118m @ mootools-core.js:119 [/CODE] please advice ?