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  1. Hi, all :-) This is a first time I'm running into this type of issue: everything works great, accept that after logging in, the drop down panel (when one clicks on their name/button) appears to go behind the menu bar. You can see what I mean here . Login with demo/demo. For users of special group, there is a menu module displayed and for the panel to be behind other content, makes it impossible to operate that menu. Where would I alter the z-index of that panel? Thank you in advance, Dano
  2. Updating the module to latest one (2.4.3) helped me :) Thank you :)
  3. Updating the module to latest one (2.4.3) helped me :) Thank you :)
  4. Any news so far?
  5. Sorry, i did not "catch" you online... Sent you reset pass :-)
  6. I have not worked a lot with CB lately, but had similar problem with JS. And it all started working for me when I enabled JS redirect plugin. Could it be like that with CB, maybe?
  7. Worked for me so far :-) Thank you
  8. No problems, I was just wondering. After all - you gotta do what you gotta do ;) I sent you a message from my site.
  9. So, is there a reason to wait on this thread to be answered or would we be better off opening a new thread on this topic? Kind of seams redundant... But would that be better? Since this thread seams to be abandoned...
  10. I see. Is there hope to see proper fix any time soon, do you know?
  11. Was that supposed to be a solution? :huh: :cheer: Not sure if you noticed it, but all of your 3 posts are empty.... Or am I missing something here?... :dry:
  12. So, what did you guys do? Can you share, please, so others of us can try and see if that fix would work for us?
  13. Would that be a "no"? :-)
  14. Hi, all :) So far the module seams to be working as far as it's main function - loggin ppl in ;) But, when I use JoomSocial integration and try to register - it "times the session out" right after the first page... Plus, the TOS pop-up from that first page of registration process is not functional at all... Does any one know why that might be?
  15. Hey! Finally your site is back up! :-D I found the problem - i forgot tu publish JoomSocialRedirect plugin... As soon as I did that - problem disappeared. Thank you :-)
  16. Any one solved this?
  17. Hi, all and thank you to devs for great extension :-) The problem I'm having, I can't seam to find anything about... :-( Installed fine, default content showes (but leads to error 500, but at least it shows). K2 content causes this error on page load - Fatal error: Call to undefined method BtK2DataSource::_substrword() sitedirectory/modules/mod_bt_contentslider/classes/k2.php on line 238 Does anyone know how to fix this? Link - sekretuspeha.info/jupgrade (the site is done from scratch, and content moved manually, despite the subdirectory name. I tried to use jupgrade on it, but after it failed number of times, I just did it all manually and just continue to use that folder)
  18. Email came back un-deliverable.... Re-sent again. Nevettheless, system should send email-confirmation automatically from my site...