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  1. HellofA, Did you install using the QuickStart or did you install Joomla yourself and then apply the template?
  2. Did you install with the QuickStart package or did you install Joomla yourself and then install the template?
  3. I have had no problems with the QuickStart for 2.5. The colors are all there. In the template manager are all the files to change them, and to select which one you want to be the default.
  4. The settings for the colors are in the Template Manager. What is it you are missing or want to do?
  5. It looks like you changed the Login Module to have those buttons instead of the icons.
  6. I tried to install Joomla first and then install all the modules myself, but never worked right. Using the quickstart worked fine. I would first suggest deleting everything, download a fresh copy of the QuickStart incase your was corrupted for any reason, then upload the folders in the quickstart to your server and try again. If that doesn't work, let me know and I will be happy to help you more.
  7. My friend, the quickstart version contains a full copy of Joomla, no need to download Joomla and upload anything separately. Uninstall and delete everything, and re-upload the folders in the QuickStart and then install like you would any Joomla install.
  8. Is their a module I have to update to change how the top menu works? I would like to make all the menu items look like the Template Layout one but I see no info/way to edit. I can see how to change what is listed in the menu just fine, but not how it loads/displays. Also, for all my questions, I am more than happy to make video tutorials for.
  9. So I noticed that several of the modules installed by default in the Quick Start package had an error with Joomla 2.5 where you would click on the module to edit its properties, and it would come up to a blown up version of the parameters, with no way to save. So my first thought was to simply download the actual module from the site and reinstall. On every occasion (only 3 times), this has worked. The third time, the Twitter Feed, it worked, but with an unexpected result. I reinstalled the Twitter Feed and got exactly what I wanted, a working Twitter Feed module. However, when I placed it back where the original theme placed it (position-9), the Twitter Logo flag next to it is missing. Thoughts on how to get that back?
  10. Hello, I was hoping to get some quick info for changing the logo? I know what logo file the CSS calls and how to replace that, but I need to change the position and size it places it. Thoughts?
  11. Did you use the quick start or just apply the template to your site and add the modules?
  12. Are you sure you have your Database setup correctly with your host?
  13. How to align Social Share horizontal instead of vertical? I imagine it is something simple or dumb I am I doing wrong. But my social share on my articles comes up stacked on top of each other, and I would like them horizontal. Thoughts?
  14. Thank you!
  15. Just wanted to say thank you. I have actually replaced most (all except one) of my extensions from another well known Joomla Theme/Extension provider with your versions of the same extensions. My site runs much faster now because of this. I only wish I had used one of your themes as well, but maybe in the near future. I do not feel like rearranging everything right now LOL. Hope to hear back soon on my technical questions, thanks!