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  1. check your inbox please i send you a message :)
  2. thank you a lot i already cleared my cash and used 3 browsers and still nothing
  3. hey :( :( :( i still think i have a problem, the k2 pages (articles and categories ) are corrupt they take the old style of the background i mean it repeat and not center how can i find the style of k2 pages i did a search in all css files in the website and could't find it (background: url('/templates/bt_foto/images/bgd-body.jpg') repeat top left;) i can't understand where it comes from so i need to know the place that write the background so i can add the style to the code that write so i make it static and when the k2 pages takes it it will be fixed. or if you know a better way it will be great
  4. oh ops ones again i realize how ridiculous i can be :angry: :angry: :rolleyes: ok lets solve the problem so anyone can use it you have to fine the class body#bd which is at line 24 at templates\bt_foto\css\template.css and then you have to delete any thing after the url and replace it with no-repeat fixed center 0 transparent and change the image at templates\bt_foto\images\bgd-body (big image) that's all. ;) and what about this editor i really like it :P :D :P and thank you :)
  5. hey, i think i have a problem with my favicon thank you for your tip but when i changed it's done and every thing is cool then the other day it was the old joomla favicon so any ideas?
  6. hey guys, i am trying to make the background like a big image and stick while the whole page slide over it and unfortunately i could't. to make the idea more closer take a look here please http://www.soccerbase.com/matches/home.sd what happened with me i could find the bgd-body and replace it but the repeat code could't find and the background expands (doubles) with zoom in and out in the browser i need to make it one image, stick and fixed can you help me please. and thank you in advance you are doing a great job in every thing themes and programming and support you are really awesome. and by the way why don't you sell that kind of editors its really awesome
  7. :D :D :D in fact i have figure it out you can use the margin in minus like margin-top: -26px; in the same class in line 282 template.css ;) good luck
  8. dear Kien NB i had the same problem but when did as you said the red background gone partially so any ideas? thank you in advance
  9. hey i did used the quick start of Photography template and unfortunately i have the title say "BT Photography joomla templates" how can i change it? please replay fast and thank you for the good job you do :)
  10. hey tampt i know you would help me but i am afraid i can't do it, it is not my own website so i can't give the administrator account. thank you for offering. and if you know something might help please tell me
  11. hi i realy appreciate what you did for me you realy were very helpful :) :) but unfortunately i still got those errors i have no idea how to fix them "warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]" i have 5 same errors different in details but all of them of the same kind. can i set the error reporting off because everything is working fine except those ugly things :P :P error path: portal\plugins\system\jat3\jat3\core\preload.php on line 203 all the errors pointing to this path any ideas ? :unsure: :unsure: thank you all in advance ;)
  12. hi does anyone know how to hide the map in contact-us form? and how to add a captcha to it? thank you in advance ;)
  13. i just wanna say thank you and wanna ask if the "bt arise template" is working or i have the problem??? :dry: :dry: :dry: thx agine for evry thing ;)