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  1. I don't know why, but my content classes (twitter - facebook ) basically all the center content does not look like the theme does and the class names being generated are not correct - I have not changed the class names - they are the default that came with the theme: http://justjaimee.com/shop/ in your demo the class for the twitter feed module is: ja-moduletable moduletable_twfeed clearfix mine is: twtr-widget twtr-widget-profile where does that get generated and how can I make sure it doesn't happen anymore?
  2. the error is toooo large - I took a screenshot - see attached. Keep in mind I minified the js in the theme options but you can visit the homepage and open the console in firebug: http://justjaimee.com/shop
  3. as I am having the same problem -- I would also like to know the solution:)!
  4. Hello! I love my new theme but I seem to have a problem getting it to work with Aceshop. I can't use aceshop (because of their jquery functions). I tried a few things - I tried to minify the javascript in the theme options which allowed Aceshop to work, but then the javascript stopped working in the theme (the slideshow, the real pretty login and register forms in the header which I really really want). When I turned off the minify js - everything in the theme worked,but aceshop didn't (and you need it for viewing products correctly and checking out) Is there any suggestions for me? I would greatly appreciate it! You can see here: http://justjaimee.com/shop/ click on the login / create account in the header and if you look in firebug - the console will show errors Thanks for your help!