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  1. Thanks for the answer. I have deleted all connection scripts from the file components\com_bt_property\helpers\helper.php - and carried them to the file index.php site template. because. first loaded scripts from components\com_bt_property\helpers\helper.php - and then from <jdoc:include type="head"/> in the end I was getting double-file - jquery.min.js this is not good
  2. Добрый день Как изменить сценарии при загрузке компонента - что они были загружены после загрузки <JDoc: включить Type = "головой" /> Во-первых, стандартные сценарии загрузки Деня Как изменить загрузку скриптов компонента - чтобы они загружались после загрузки <JDoc: включить Type = "головой" /> [/ цитата]
  3. Thank you very much. I never would have guessed that the reason for this plugin
  4. Thank you. I will wait for updated files. I hope this is not a complicated problem and will resolve it quickly
  5. maybe you need a FTP access?
  6. Information sent to your email
  7. Good time of day. I am very sorry for bad English. Yesterday I bought a module. The whole night trying to turn it on. But I did not work. The problem is that when you click Get pictures from a folder (Joomla) module settings page is updated. And the opens in "Manager Modules" without having to connect photos. Conducted testing on Linux and Windows hostings