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  1. I installed BT Content slider in home page with many other modules. When the user click an article I would like to switch template style, to avoid all the other modules, leaving BT content slider alone with the displayed article I can solve the problem creating hidden menus for each article in BT content slider but this require a lot of work for any new article that is added. Is there any way to link the slider to a single menu or a template style? Many thanks and regards
  2. Solved restoring the entire site. Now BT Content Slider is working OK.
  3. I an using BT Content Slider 1.4 from october 12 and everything was ok until yesterday when it disappeared. I try to upgrade to 1.5 and then to 2.2.1 but the problem is still there. Joomla is 2.5.8 Template is J51 Oxygen (free) site is but from this side you cannot see it as disappeared! Module position is "showcase" No problem to supply a temporary access account if you need it I love this module so, no problem to buy the commercial version of the module if you are confident to solve the problem. Many thanks for your help