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  1. Hi! How I make a random images in the gallery?
  2. Hi! I like this gallery. Will it work on my site with disabled mootools?
  3. I want to buy this template and have a few questions: - Real estate uses k2? - how is filter made - what kind of modules is used? - how does price item work? thanks
  4. Hi! I use this module, but i have a problem - error: Ajax request failed! link - right colum so sorry, i fix it
  5. I've installed a component, after that I added a categories and some portfolios. Also I added item menu type: Portfolio Category Layout, but the categories aren't display on front. Single Portfolio is working normally. link1 link2
  6. I uninstalled the component, than is installed again, but a problem didn't appear.May be is it problem, because I use a jQuery at my web-site?