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  1. Dear Kien,

    Where have you gone all the staff? There is no help anywhere on site. You were good company.

  2. Hello

    I trying to install bt_magazine_quickstart_j!3.0_v1.0 ,but cannot be install..First Step (configuration) is processing too long....i waiting for 2 hours but its still pocessing.

    Can u check for me.



  3. Hi, can you tell me more, what module you got problem?
  4. Hi, try again some times, if there is no change, please add my skype: nguyenkien278, I'll help you via teamview.
  5. HI, I think that you shouldn't add your banner to logo position, also logo has size, you want to add a banner, I think you can add new position on above menu, if you want to do that, please follow below: 1, open file: ...\templates\bt_magazine\tpls\blocks\mainnav.php, add: <?php if($this->countModules('header_logo')): ?> <div class="header_logo <?php $this->_c('header_logo')?>"> <div class="container"> <jdoc:include type="modules" name="<?php $this->_p('header_logo') ?>" style="raw" /> </div> </div> <?php endif ?> as below: add you banner on a custom html module, and assign that module on position: "header_logo" your banner will be here:
  6. Hi, I tested on my localhost, and there is no problem, please check again, maybe it come from your style, or if you don't know how to do, give me your super admin and FTP account (also direct link what has your breadcrumbs module), i'll check it.
  7. Hi, if you want to increase it, please open file: ..templates/bt_magazine/css/custom.css, add: div.subCategory{margin:0 20px;}
  8. Yes certaintly you can add, it still works normally, what happen with you, if you can't add suffix, please give me your super admin and FTP account to email:, I'll check it for you.
  9. Hi, sorry, BT Arise quickstart for joomla 3 is not available, but this template can work on joomla 3, so if you want to use this template on joomla 3, you have to build it, refer this template document to know how to configure extensions in this template. Regards.
  10. Hi, when you assign a module on position, you may type it in textbox (position module), if you want to find position when click on button (which show a popup for you choose), you may open file: ../templates/bt_metro/templateDetails.xml, then define a module position, same as below: then back to module manager, you will see your position you added.
  11. Hi, There is not anything as you said, Componentn is content, module and component are clearly different.
  12. Hi, if you want to update these extension, you may download them from their homepage, then install it by using upload and install.
  13. Hi, try to go to template manager, click on layout, then scroll down, then choose as in image attached.
  14. I'm not clear what you want, or I missunderstand you? tell me more about your details requirement, image to show is better.
  15. Hi, in this template, there is not style css for this module, so you can use default style of joomla, or make it by yourself. Regards.