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  1. OK, never mind all. I noticed that "CONTACT US" menu item was linked to a user that I already deleted from the Demo setup. I re-pointed the menu item to another user, updated its properties, and the contact form came back to the CONTACT Us page. Issue closed.
  2. Guys, Can someone please help to get rid of the error? I got error warning on top of the CONTACT US page that says "Contact Not Found". Besides, the Contact form under the map is gone too. These two issues are probably connected to the same cause. I might have accidentally deleted something that was required to display the contact form on this page. Any suggestions?
  3. sorry i keep getting the upload error. Even tried your advanced Flash based uploaded. The file is small (64KB), a png image. Anyway I gave it a try.
  4. Here is the screen capture of the error. Can you guys help me figure out how to remove the warning?
  5. I have a couple of questions about the CONTACT US page; 1) Contact form - how can I modify it? I looked at all the modules and articles, and cannot find the place where I can add or change the CONTACT FORM fields 2) As I was testing things, I deleted all contacts that came with the demo setup. Now I see that the CONTACT US form is gone completely, and there is an error warning on top of the CONTACT US page that says "Contact Not Found". Does that mean the OCNTACT Form can only appear if there are K2 Contacts in the system? Is this where the contact form is managed from? What kind of user should I re-create to get at least the basic Contact form back? Thank you!
  6. To clarify my question: I know how to insert <a href> links around either the main title of each block, or around the subtitle. examples of that would be: <div class="left-html"> <ul> <li class="as"> <div class="icon"> <h3><a href="/index.php/en/samplearticle">Apple Store</a></h3> <p><a href="/index.php/en/samplearticle">Vestibulum est ante, accumsan nec</a></p> </div> </li> ....... What I would like to do instead is this: when you move the mouse cursor on top of a block in the module it activates the blue hover background. I would love to be able to click anywhere within that blue background in order to activate the link. And so far I was not able to ddo that on my own due to limited knowledge of html. I hope this clarifies my question.
  7. Anyone? Please?
  8. Kien, The demo site does not have sample links in the OUR NEWS module (located in SIDEBAR-1 position on the homepage). I love the way this module is designed and am curious about adding links to it. Normally links are added in the html code, corect? So, in this case the links should be added via the OUR NEWS module. However, i see that you guys chose to add links to related images through the TEMPLATE.CSS file. So, is it better to insert links in the module or in the CSS file for this module? Then I am wondering, should the links be added to the text, the image, or better perhaps to the entire block so that no matter where your cursor within the block is, it will hit the link. Can you help me with the sample link as you would do it linking one of the blocks in this module (let's say "Apple Store") to a separate article. Thank you!
  9. Thank you very very very much! :)
  10. Kien, Thank you very much! I am not a web designer by profession, just know some basics of html and css. Your help is very much appreciated! If I may bother you with a couple more questions: 1. I would like to change the font type (family) to another font. For example, I like the Cuprum font you are using on the BT Arise template. Is there a central place from where I can tell the template to use this font on all pages and all modules, or do I need to go module by module and change it there. 2. Slide Titles - I think you are using H1 style there. Where in the Template CSS can I modify their size, I would like to change the font type and size in the titles of the main slides. Thank you!
  11. Can anyone help me find where (in which css file) are the styles of the module headers defined? For example, on the demo, there is "Our news" module (position sidebar-1) where the title is formatted in a way that the first word is in blue, while the second one is in grey colors. I am trying to find the file where this title styling is set, so that I could play with the title stile. Thank you!
  12. I already figured this out. Problem solved.
  13. I am answering my own questions today. For those who are stumped like aI was here are the answers: The text in ghte Heading-Title module is the same text as the Page Title. Home page title can be edited in the Main Menu. Easy.
  14. While waiting for response, I figured out that the text in the Header Title module is the title of the Home page. When you are on the Home page, that same "Welcome ..." text is displayed on the browser tab above. So, the question is where can I modify the Home page title? Thanks!
  15. On the demo site, there is a module in heading-title position. This module provides the text to the headinf title that on the demo site reads :Welcome to BT Mobile .... etc. Modifying this text in the module does not change the actual display. Interestingly, the site actually talks about Joomla 3, whereas the text in the module talks about Joomla 2.5 It seems the text in the heading title is hardcoded somewhere else. How can I modify it?