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  1. Any suggestions on how to solve the background issue? Thanks Lene
  2. Hello, Is it possible to change the black background colour for YouTube video thumbnails using css? I have tried various options but no luck. Thank you Kind regards Lene
  3. Excellent! Thank you :D Regards Lene
  4. All good, problem solved Thanks Lene
  5. Hi Trong, Sorry, I did not pick up on this one. I must have fixed it, Pinterest is showing on the images :). Regards Lene
  6. Hello, I have a website where I am using BT Media Gallery to display mostly just very large image with a larger pop-up view. My problem is that the large thumbnail does not re-size in mobile devise. I have it displayed on this temp site at the moment. I would like it to be a bit larger on the new site: Thank you Kind regards Lene
  7. Hello Trong, From what I can see it does not include Pinterest. As it is an image gallery, Pinterest and Instagram would be a great inclusion. Regards Lene
  8. Hello Trong, Sorry, it is for BT Media Gallery Pro :). Regards Lene
  9. Hello, Is there an option for sharing on Pinterest for Media Gallery? And also Instagram? Kind regards Lene
  10. Hello Trong, Thank you for getting back to me. That is what I have in place but it only works if I have the search engine friendly url's turned off, it does not work with it on. I need a solution that works with search engine friendly url's. Kind regards Lene
  11. Hello Trong, I have been trying to work this link issue out. After trying this and that I think the issue is the Search Engine Friendly URLs. I set that to 'no' and it worked, but I really do need it to work with the Search Engine Friendly URLs. We are just about to go live with this website so the url will then change to When writing this message the url is: Thank you Kind regards Lene
  12. Hello, Is it possible to change the size of the thumbnail when you add media to an article? I am adding YouTube videos to some individual articles and I would like them to display larger than the thumbnails I have set for the actual gallery. Thank you Kind regards Lene
  13. Hello Trong, Sorry, I had the 'display category info' set to no, I changed it to yes and it showed up. I just had to remove a float:left property. Thanks Regards Lene
  14. Hello Trong, Have you had a chance to look at the issue of returning back to main list and not just category? When you go to view details and then click back I need them to get back to the main summary page: Thank you Kind regards Lene
  15. Hi Trong, Did you manage to come up with a fix to show category name and description in medial gallery? I keep bumping into this problem.... Thanks Regards Lene