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  1. Trying desperately to improve the SEO of my web site and have installed Route 66 Pro (same problem with Free version as well) and everything works well until I try to configure Route 66 Options in respect of Google PageSpeed. The problem parameter is "Optimize Javascript". If set to "No" then everything works; if set to "Yes", then irrespective of whether Optimization method is set to "File" or "Inline", BT Content Slider stops working - all that is displayed are the slider titles, the article images, etc. vanish! As per the attached images. I have tried changing the advanced settings in BT Content Slider but to no avail. Maybe it doesn't matter!
  2. I would suspect some other element is interfering with Content Slider, because I use "only Featured Articles" in "Featured Article Order" as well and it now works unchanged - I altered nothing in any of the uses of Content Slider after upgrading to Joomla 3.6.0. It was the re-installation of CW MultiCats that got it going again. You have to re-install CW MultiCats after a Joomla upgrade and I had forgotten.
  3. I appear to have fixed this problem! I had forgotten to re-install CW-MultiCats after upgrading to Joomla 3.6.0. Having re-installed it and pressed F5 to refresh the Front End, BT Content Slider started working again. I've no idea about the interaction between these two modules, although I suspect one or more of the Articles might be controlled by MultCats. My apologies for being alarmist.
  4. And me! I use it on two web sites and this module has failed to work on both since updating to Joomla 3.6.0. The module positions just show a blank! Would be grateful for an early fix, please.
  5. Disable cookies then re-enable cookies. Worked for me!
  6. Hi Sorry for my late reply - been away for a couple of days. Web Site URL - www.heswallphotosoc.co.uk BT Login appears under the Gallery and Member Only menu items. If you need a test user I have one available, just need to activate it. Regards. David
  7. I'm struggling to sort out a User Log-in problem which I think is associated with Cookies and would be grateful for any help that you can give. The problem isn't just with BT Log-in (great module) because it also happens with the standard Jooma Log in module. My web site runs with Joomla 3.6 and BT Log-in 2.6. What appears to happen is that somebody registers with the site (no complaints here), but when they log-in (via the pop-up panel), the panel disappears but everything looks as if they’re not logged in – there’s no “Hi David” (for example) and the Log-in and Register buttons remain on display. If the user checks the “Remember Me” box then everything works as expected. I tend to use IE11 as my browser and I don’t have this problem. It happens in Google Chrome (Version 40) but if I clear my web site’s cookies then the log-in starts working as normal. I then tried the same in “Nightly” (64-bit version of FireFox) which didn’t fix the problem, but this may be unfair as it is in development – I don’t have a 32-bit version installed. With all this, the user is actually logged-in. If I log-in to the Joomla Backend, the user is clearly displayed as being logged-in – several times. Any suggestions?
  8. I should have known! Can't reproduce the results I was getting - not exactly anyway. However, by moving three lines of links from below the table to above the table in the first article (entitled HPS Competitions 2013/2014) I have been able to generate a peculiar result! See the attached "Live" screen shot and the link below should (hopefully) still show the same - http://www.heswallph...velopment-tests Under XAMPP on my PC, I still get what I was originally getting on the live web site and have attached a screen shot of that - see attached XAMPP jpg. I hope the screen shot files are of good enough quality as I've had to degrade them in order to upload - running out of attachment space! Regards. David
  9. Solved it! :D Well, I now know what caused my problem - attempting to use the Article "Link A" facility. Strangely, deleting the "Link A" field content didn't solve the problem. I actually had to trash each article, empty the trash and then recreate the articles but without specifying a "Link A". So the testing web page specified above shows a working BT Content Slider. If you would like me to try to regenerate the fault, I would be prepared to create a test category with a couple of test articles containing "Link A" URLs. Regards David
  10. Sorry! False alarm! :( BT Content Slider, as I'm using it here, will only work with the first four articles. As soon as I add a fifth, it fails again, and with all nine articles published the template is corrupted slightly.
  11. Well, I've got it to work! :rolleyes: I don't really know why I tried this, but I moved the first few lines, that contain internal links to other pages, from before the table to after the table. The first three articles contain such links and I changed all three and BT Content Slider started working. I changed one back and it still worked; in fact, I had to change all three articles back before BT Content Slider failed to work again. I've attached screen snapshots of the two article layouts showing "failed" and "worked". I have one small problem left :wacko: After the first three articles shown, the fourth, etc. use the article Link A facility to link to the required web page (in a sub-domain). The Link A parameters specify that the page is to "open in a new window" - but it doesn't! Many thanks. David
  12. Thanks. I've set up a separate web page containing just the problem category - http://www.heswallph...velopment-tests I've also attached three jpg files showing the Source Settings for Content Slider, the layout of the Categories and the Articles in the problem Category. I'm using Joomla 2.5.14 Regards. David
  13. I have a strange problem, in that BT Content Slider won't show the articles in one specific category. It works fine with other categories, but not this one. I tested the layout I wanted on my PC under XAMPP and it worked without problem, but as soon as I try and implement under live conditions, it fails. If I specify "Auto detect category" as "Yes", I get the articles in the first category, not the specified one! Specifying the articles as IDs, instead of as a category, also fails, as does trying to use a separate page. If I change the category to another one it works fine. So the problem must be with the content of the articles in the category. What might cause this sort of problem? My web site is: http://www.heswallphotosoc.co.uk/ I want to add another BT Content Slider below the content on this page: http://www.heswallph...p/hps-program-m Sample articles in the category that I want to display can be viewed on: http://www.heswallph...ps-comps-2013-m Any suggestions gratefully received. David