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  1. great solved my issue. thanks for the compliment! as for your question, and i am not sure i really set this up correctly, but the background slideshow is set in the debug position (is this correct? and if so not sure i really like that but ...) and the home page menu is for Featured Articles, but i have none published to featured articles so it is blank. this will later become an issue for me if I start using the featured articles, but i will deal with that later. allan
  2. Hi, I can't seem to find out how to get rid of this little black bar. you can see it at just above the copyright info. thanks, allan
  3. that solved the issue. thanks, Allan
  4. Hi, Not sure if I just can't find this or do I have to go into the file structure and find the image that you have and replace it with my own? thanks for the help and really liking the template. Allan
  5. Hi, when I select none and save it will automatically switch to pattern-12.png thanks, Allan
  6. it is not loaded in your template page. If I use it in other templates it works fine. With your template all I see is the text {vsig}vip/port/port_1{/vsig} for loading it. thanks, Allan
  7. so not sure where you are with this but I have moved the blog to be a joomla category blog and the menu still drops to the bottom under the articles. Also when I display a single article the menu is under the article. thanks, Allan
  8. Hi, How you can help some more. When using your quickstart template and viewing the blog under menu item Joomla Category the blogs show intro text and then the "Read more ..." but when clicking on the "Read more ..." you go to the article but still only see the intro text and not the full text of the article. This same thing happens when i create a Joomla article in my website with the BT Photography template. thanks, Allan
  9. Not sure why this is happening. Have all setting identical to what is in the demo site but I can not get the main menu and login to move to the right (position-7) on this page. For other pages on my site they are fine. please see attached image.
  10. yeah! Lines are gone. thanks
  11. it doesn't seem to do anything when turned off? Should it get rid of the fine gray lines. I have your quickstart template installed also and the grid overlay does nothing on that also. thanks, Allan