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  1. I haven't updated my site in a while and just remember something i was trying to do on my last update. If i have a mixture of landscape and portrait images the portrait ones are either cropped so that the centre section is showing or they are stretched so the image gets distorted. Is there a way in which i can make the images just fit the height and not the width? and just have the background showing at the sides of the portrait images? Thanks
  2. Hi I am try to add the category decryption to the category article list but every time i show the description it comes with a white background with white writing. Where do i find the code for the white background?
  3. Thanks very much, Glad it wasn't me just being dumb! Could it happen if it was created within a category and then the category is deleted?
  4. If you visit this portfolio http://greenclaws.co.uk/index.php/wedding-photos/latest-weddings-events/our-own-wedding Then click next it takes you to a portfolio that doesn't exist nor can i find it anywhere in the site to delete it!
  5. I have had images within a k2 item but when i went to add more to it i got the following issues JFolder: :files: Path is not a folder. Path: /*************/jatc_t3_blank_j25/media/k2/galleries/30 There was a problem rendering your image gallery. Please make sure that the folder you are using in the Simple Image Gallery Pro plugin tags exists and contains valid image files. The plugin could not locate the folder: media/k2/galleries/30 The folder does not exist now but it did, i tried to create a new folder with the same name but as soon as i add am image to it via a k2 item it deletes the folder and throws up the same error.
  6. I want to use the Facebook comments section but need to put a white background as the box is transparent the writing is black on a dark background and you can't read comments. http://greenclaws.co.uk/index.php/wedding-photos/latest-weddings-events/14th-july-2012
  7. IS there anyway to add tags into a portfolio??
  8. Hi I too wonder be interested in this, i have a number of portrait shots but an equal number of landscape. Sowould ideally need a black bordered add to the portrait shot so i don't loose any of the image when it makes it 100% wide
  9. After purchasing one of the templates, i had a few issues with irritating little things that i couldn't easily fix myself. I have been working with websites for a number of years but this was my first attempt with a joomla based site. Having a few issues usually means I ended up getting really angry with the code and come back to it a few days later, however the support and promptness of the people at bow themes has made my new site a breeze to work with. I have had about 6 issues, most of which i could have probably figured out but after a lot of time searching in the files. But the team at Bow Theme have sorted every issue within 12 hours of each of my posts. Can't thank you enough and will look forward to any more designs that you have coming out because i will certainly be looking to purchase them for some of our other sites.
  10. Whenever i activate a a module in the debug position the menu and footer remain fixed on the page and do not scroll like a normal site. I wanted to add some flyout tabs which need to be positioned in the debug position but would prefer it to be without the fixed menu and footer. I have also noticed the same thing happens when the background slide show with content is activated. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Not sure where i can locate the file that puts the gradient/ lines over the images in the portfolio's. Some of my images are quite details and having this effect (although i do like it) does detract from the images. I just need to remove the effect on the images in the portfolio, thanks.
  12. I have also noticed then when i go into the media manager the preview of images comes up in a load of random characters and no picture
  13. The portfolio now seems to not want to save images after i upload them. Any ideas?