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  1. Hi, Thank a lot for your help. Your support is perfect. Best regards
  2. OK. I have send you a private mail
  3. Hi, Effectively, i use an other captcha plugin : n3t Seznam Captcha, it's more simple than Re-captcha. I have change it for reCaptcha and i have the same message ? you can see on the website Thank
  4. Hi, I have the same problem after sending : {"success":true,"messages":"[\"Merci pour votre message.\"]"} in a white page. The message is send. btquickcontact 2.1.2, joomla 3.2.1, template metro on Thank for your help
  5. Hi I have to change the method of appearance of the label of the slideshow. It appears from bottom to top and I got to change it to a simple fade. I can only put the fade effect for the image, but I can't see any option regarding the label Can someone help me please ? Thanks a lot, best regards
  6. If I put in comment the line number 55, the backend is OK, it's not a good correction of the problem, but it's ok for the display. And i don't use phocagallery files in BT slider.
  7. Fatal error: Call to undefined method PhocaGalleryRenderAdmin::CategoryTreeOption() in .../modules/mod_btslideshow_pro/admin/formfields/phocagallerycategory.php on line 55
  8. In fact it's not OK, there are still problems. I don't understand !!!
  9. Hi, I found the solution to this display problem in backend. In the directorie /admin, there is a directorie /formfields, it's not the right name, it must rename to /formfield and then the display in joomla backend is OK. So it's a little bug !!! The mod_btslideshow_pro.xml file install a /formfields directorie and different files called a /formfield
  10. Hi, I installed mod_btslideshow_pro_j2.5&j3.0_v2.1.5 on a joomla 3.1.1 and i have a poor display in the admin backend. There is no template around (please see the attachment). Very strange because i installed also the BT Content Slider for joomla 3.x, and there is no problem for the display. Have you an idea ? Thanks a lot. Best regards