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  1. Resolved
  2. Hello, can i have a istruction to change font size of Main menu? Thanks.
  3. Hi, in my site i have modified the file template.css for insert new logo, but only in home page the logo appears in right mode in the other page appears in wrong mode. See attachments. How can i resolve this ?
  4. Hello, in my site i used accordeon menu Ck for a main menu, In another browser like chrome, firefox and safari the module function perfectly, in IE not function. I contacted the service module, which I replied as : I think this is a template issue try to disable the file plugins/system/jat3/jat3/base-themes/default/css/template-ie.css or switch to another template like beez_20 to test You should look for what is included in IE and not in other browser. Also try to disable the slideshow to test Can you help me??