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  1. Hello, just noticed that the Version number in downloads is wrong. It says 1.2.2 ... might confuse somebody... [attachment=1172]Bildschirmfoto2012-09-20um13.32.04.png[/attachment]
  2. Just curious, which version of Kunena are you using? Are you using a 3rd-Party SEF extension? ( I am currently updating a site from 1.6 to 2.x, so I am interested in any known issues )
  3. Thanks for your quick reply. I just purchased Background Gallery and Accordion menu. Due to a customer inquiry... I was looking for "responsible" image galleries and modules... and i also checked out your demos. Maybe its a good idea to have a responsive demo site as an option? regards, Maik
  4. Maybe worth a look: BuaXua Floating - J15 & 2.5
  5. Regarding #2 and responsive: Do you have plans to update your Image and Content display extensions to be responsive ? (i.e. Portfolio; Slideshow etc.)
  6. Just noticed that your Forum Search redirects to the normal Joomla search. Why is that? The Kunena search is more granular, isnĀ“t it?
  7. Thank you very much for your investigation! This project uses WARP6 framework. It has no description and infos about such requirements... there is only a global width parameter in the template config. Based on this value, everything else is calculated. (There is another responsible line, which adds some extra pixels to this value. This sums up to 1080) [attachment=1127]Bildschirmfoto2012-09-05um15.26.06.png[/attachment] Since the metatag is global...: Does it influence other devices or browsers? Is it the only nessecary fix? Does it have to be a different value for each device?
  8. For reference:
  9. Hello again, recently saw the google weather layer. Amazing, and much more useful then the available weather modules from Rockettheme, Shape5, Gavick. Though, i like the gavick icons ;-) Could you add the weather layer to your module? Thanks for listening.
  10. Currently, I should not spread the URL in public. I sent an Email via your contact form, because there is no PM system avail. Thanks in advance.
  11. I used BT background slideshow in YT warp6 template. A client send me a complaint about a strange display with white areas on the right and bottom. Are there any issues with Android OS browsers? (just trying to narrow down the problem. if there are no Android issues, it might be another script or special warp framework error) Thanks in advance.
  12. I swear, I had a double overlay. It was the diagonal pattern plus a 2nd pattern, that I selected in the module parameter. As far as I can see, the DEFAULT is the culprit here. I removed it, and now I can see the chosen pattern from module parameter only.
  13. Hello again, Just noticed, that the selected PNG overlay is doubled. It seems to be the default overlay with DIAGONAL stripes, AND my selected overlay image from the module parameter! - How to get rid of the first PNG? - Shouldn't it be removed from the default style CSS? Seems to be obsolete with the new module parameter.
  14. Thanks for your comment, I head the same thoughts. But a re-styling of every single element is not acceptable for certain module types. I do not moan or complain, because its free stuff. I just wanted to rise this topic and issue, so people like you or the developer may give some hints. Maybe something can be improved or changed in the future. Its advertized to include and show ANY module. o.k. that does not imply the same visual result... but I think people are going to expect to see the the same appearance.