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  1. Hi, I want to buy this template but i dont know do i have these modules and plagins showing in DEMO !
  2. I have installed Kuneya forum but i dont know how to make it like bowthemes forum. Help me please
  3. hope to be one day Admin of
  4. thanks a lot dear friend :)
  5. i use joomla 2.5.4 in which part should i find the css
  6. when i want to install the Bt-slidshow that you attached gives me an error .< There was an error uploading this file to the server.> what can i do now
  7. i want to show my Articles like thhis !
  8. i have a problem that a show you in the pic and also this is the link please help me how to make it to show one after one [attachment=702]dsfa.png[/attachment]
  9. thanks i got it
  10. Hi friends i need your help 1 i want to add like forum please help me how do i can?
  11. thanks a lot dear i hope my all problem are solved
  12. I dont know in which position can i add my module can you help me friends? [attachment=673]erfsdfsd_2012-05-20-4.png[/attachment]
  13. this is a screenshot of my website, I have this module and that you are seeing in pic that the words are not reading well if you are can do something for me i will be thank full [attachment=670]fjsdlkjsdklfjslkd.png[/attachment]