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  1. Resolved !!! File Template v1.2: html / com_bt_property / default / layout / detail.php Line: 155 Correct Code: < dd class="extrafield-value" >< ?php echo Bt_propertyHelper::extrafieldHTML($ex); ? >< /dd >
  2. Could someone help me with this? Or light the way? Give direction?
  3. Hi. I have a problem in the extra field "DROPDOWN". In the property tab detail page the field does not inform the selection: "Proprietátio" and "Zona da Cidade", writes in place the word: "Array" (see attached image). Where is the error? The options set out in DROPDOWN usually appear in the filter module ("Proprietátio" and "Zona da Cidade") list options correctly. Can you help me? Awaiting return. Thanks.