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  1. :( anyone can help me? as you can see in the link posted it is a quite big problem for whom is navigating my web site. Please answer as soon as possible. thanks
  2. hi, my slideshow pro quite always cover with its images my bt menu. See what heppen here: what can i do so that the menu appear over slideshow pro? thank you
  3. Hi, how can i have my slider background images resised on window width and height? if you look here: "" you will see that my images are bigger than my window page. Thanks in advance
  4. hello, i had a working installation on my local computer of your template and modules. then i have copied all my files and the database online but since i have done it i can't manage and edit any BT modules. for example when i try to edit a bt backgroud slideshow i see that i can't manage images (can't delete, see the button to upload in the wrong position) and can't save it. bt images looks bad as without formatting. could you please help me? thanks in advance i can give you a user to get in the site.
  5. I tried to install the template on my local website and it doesn't work the message is: "impossibile trovare il pacchetto di installazione" / it is not possible to find installation pack i have already installed T3 and i followed the instruction in the manual no problem with the quick start