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  1. Probably a really daft question but how can I set this module to behave responsively? I note the demo verion is responsive, I can't get mine to collapse.
  2. Please ignore this. The matter seems to have been resolved in version 2.3.8
  3. When displayed on an IOS device, I haven't tested Android yet, it is impossible to scroll by sliding your finger over the BT slider. When it fills the screen it can be difficult to avoid. Worse than that some glitching effects seem to occur as well.
  4. Hi How can I get the body class to change to the relevant article class in the body tag. If you are on the home page <body class="front home homepage" style=""> If you use the menu to navigate to another page the class 'home' changes to the relevant class for that page. I would like the 'read more' link to do the same so that the css rules apply correctly to the page. Any ideas? Crispin
  5. I did as you suggested in your email adding it to all pages. Th site failed completely with one word on a blank background 'NULL'. I then then set selection on the module to 'None'. The site then worked correctly again but without the register button of course. I then set the module to 'Selected pages' of which the home page was one. Site failed again completely. I have emailed you login details for admin. I really would like to get this sorted out please. Thank you Crispin
  6. Hi Please go to the registration BT-login button is there. It is set to use the component as you'll see. When registration is completed the iframe then displays the a webpage and not the message. Sometimes it displays a link to the home page which then displays within the iframe. This problem effect all browsers I've tried it on. Please email me for admin access. Thanks Crispin
  7. Sadly I have disabled it for IE users now and replaced it with much more basic functionality. Left it up for other browsers. I still have a problem with BT-slideshow which doesn't run in IE at all. Works well in everything else. Not showing any page errors in FF. I know you've released a pro version of this and would be more confident in paying for it if I knew it would work. Cheers Crispin
  8. I have this working mostly very well in most browsers. Sadly it doesn't work at all in IE9. The buttons are displayed but that is about it. There is another issue which is after the submit button is clicked rather than the confirmation message it loads the home page into the iframe. I should add I am using the component for the registration form. Any help out there? I'm thinking I may have to disable the extension in IE9 :( Crispin