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  1. Tried to install the update and got this.
  2. That last step is what I'd like to limit. If the screen/window is taller than it is wide (portrait orientation) then fit width and scale height but no stretch. Screenshot attached. (Sorry it is kinda big, about to leave work.)
  3. What would it take for the Background Slideshow to scale the images proportionally rather than stretching to fill the screen? I want it to fill the width of the window, but scale the height by the same amount, not fill the window in that direction. That way the images don't get stretched out of proportion. Make sense? (I'm poking around in the code loking for that now. )
  4. Oh, and if you guys are this quick to respond, being able to toggle the grid overlay for the background slide show as well as the portfolio slideshow would be nice. Give me some options for where the crop for the slideshow comes from too and I'll be set. For example, with a portrait oriented photo, the crop seems to come from about the middle. I'd like the option to take it from the top down. Or better yet, be able to interactively set a crop. I don't ask for much, huh? Thanks again!
  5. Was this done before or after the component 1.2.4 update?
  6. Thanks! I'll give this a whirl tomorrow!
  7. Just a suggestion, but being able to randomize the order of portfolio's and/or the images within them would be nice.
  8. Not sure I follow. I can get SIG to work in Joomla and K2 articles, but not in the portfolio descriptions. Will the above fix that as well? I want to use Simple Image Gallery Pro instead of the built-in slide show.