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  1. Hey folks and BT Team, I was wondering if BowThemes could create a video gallery? That would be awesome though. Do you plan to create this in the future?
  2. Hello, I've just bought the BT portfolio template and installed it on joomla 2.5 I've tried several thing but I can't get it work properly on my web. The open/close and the "our featured work" doesn't work. Some other things also don't work. Is there a possibility I can get an export of http://demo.bowthemes.com/bt-photography so I can edit everything for my own web? Thank you. Edit: http://home.bequ.nl/studioturkuaznew is my website
  3. Is there a way to simulate the daily sync?
  4. I found the solution. Just do this: 1.open the file sync.php and go to line: 76 and change it to: if(!(strpos($fileInfo['filename'],'tn_')!==false)) { $sourcePhotos[] = $objFile; } 2.open the file uploader.php and go to line: 129 and change it to: if(!(strpos($fileInfo['filename'],'tn_')!==false)) { $photos[] = $objFile; } Don't forget to replace 'tn_' with you prefix. (This edit will ignore all images which contains 'tn_' in filename.)
  5. Hello, We are using Imagevue for our gallery. We want to implement this gallery with Joomla. For the implementation we are using BT Image Gallery. Everything goes well except one thing, ImageVue is creating thumbnails in the same folder as the images. The seperation of thumbs and normales images is to give all thumbs a different name. For example: I have image1.jpg and image2.jpg. My foldername is gallery. Normaly the path content should be: {pathwebsite}/gallery/ -->image1.jpg -->image2.jpg But ImageVue does this: {pathwebsite}/gallery/ -->image1.jpg -->tn_image1.jpg -->image2.jpg -->tn_image2.jpg When I load the images with BT Image Gallery, it also takes the thumbnails. Is there a way to let BT Image Gallery know to exclude all files/pictures which begins with "tn_". Thanks in advance