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  1. Please help my guys. I am trying to remove the map from contact page. I have installed quickstart package. I cant find it in modules and in plugins. So where is it? How can i disable it or remove it from joomla? Is it possibile to control it somehow? Where? How? Why is it in quickstart package instead of your great Bt Google Map plugin? Please i really need help with this one.
  2. Helo. I have some custom forms from vtiger that has attribute required="true" and it works perfectly except this bulllshit internet explorer. I found simple way to validate those fields in IE with jquery validation plugin. But how can i add this to the template? I have searched index and stuff, and i do not know where to place the code for adding it to the template. i mean where do in which file i can place this kind of code to add jqeury validation plugin? Which file i need to edit to do it? Help anyone?
  3. it will be milion times easier for you to install it from quickstart package, and remove everything you do not need.
  4. Helo, i dont want you to help me guys, a just want you to know one thing and answer me is possible. Is it made on purpose, that when mod_btslideshow is unpublished it clears all content? or is it made this way only for users of free template? If not, you should have look into it further, because it can be really annoying for your members.
  5. The contact form is normal joomla component. I am pretty sure there already is a language pack for your language. Just google 'joomla 1,7 german language pack" or whatever langugae you use. Install language pack for front end and for back end. this should be enough. Also, update your joomla to 2.5.4 1,7 = garbage.
  6. Looks like you have no contact forms added. Go to Components > Contacts, and create new contact page, then edit the menu to link to this contact page you have created earlier.
  7. Helo i am having problem with title settings. I have set the title of my site, and it do not help. Home page title is still "HOME". I was forced to use some seo addond from jed, to fix it. Can you please tell me why there is this problem and how to set working site title without extra addons?
  8. Oh god you sir are noob :) Anyway i did some quick research, and changing it is easy. Extensions > Template menager > bt_arise Then you have different tabs there, just choose PROFILE tab, and scroll little bit down. There are ADVANCED SETTINGS > THEME SETTINGS there ( u must click this down pointer on the right to make it is visible tho) Then, in the theme settings, just choose which one you want to have as default. So i did this, check it. http://crmfirma.pl/ You will propably want to remove this cpanel from people view, since it can even hide some content like Bt Content slide show disappear with some settings, go to profiles>user tools>hide everything.
  9. Just download the quickstart package and install it, instead of installing template on your actuall joomla. And the slideshows is module called BT_slideshow, find it in your modules.
  10. Hi, I just found your free template. This is the best free template i have seen in my entire life! I just want to thank you guys, for this amazing job and letting us use it for free. I am not in any position now to donate, but i will remember you and when time comes i will support you! Thank You again, and i wish you the best!. such an amazing quality.