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  1. Ok, but when I go in the extensions to download "BT Content Slider" , the latest version to download is 1.4. Where can I find version 2.0?
  2. I have a question over Bt_content_slider. I create a module with some K2 articles, in order to insert it into the bt_tabs module in the homepage of BT_Travel template. But when I choose in the layout to position the thumbnail left or right it does not change.Any ideas why this is happening? I have noticed that BT_content_slider in the quickstart package is v.2.0 while the one I downloaded is 1.4. Can you give me a suggestion over this?
  3. timothyguo86 - what if you create a joomla article and you write the html code in the article? I would like to ask which is the position of the menu. I think I counldn't fine a position to place a new created menu. Is there anothere way through the T3 framework to do it?
  4. So I downloaded again but still I had the same problem. Because I was sure that I was not doing any of the moves wrongly I though to have a look in the Php scripts. Though because there were a number of files I did the following. I had an installation of the quickstart_package and one of the new istallation of bt_travel in localhost. So I went in the module-files of the quickstart_package (were the tabs were showing correctly) , copied the folder and pasted it into the new installation. And then everything worked correctly :P So I believe there is some difference between the original download and the one in the quickstart. Appreciate your help.
  5. Hello, I downloaded the document which is very helpful by the way. Still I have made step by step exactly the moves you said, including the suffixes and the correct "module positions" but I can't make it work. I must mention that installation is not from the quickstart package, but I created it from the begining. The strange thing is not that it is not just working, but it is not allowing the background slideshow also to appear (as is showing on the photos) My installation is on localhost with Joomla! 2.5.7 and xampp version 2.5(16 March 2011) so I cannot provide you password. Any ideas why this is happening?
  6. Hello, I would like to say that I have seen a very good improvement in the new update, good job. Module position are now much clearer and as I installed the template from the begining, I could position the modules correctly. I have though one main problem. I position the background slideshow correctly on homepage and on other pages. My problem is that when I select bt-tabs to appear in a page 1) The bt-tabs are not appearing properly 2) The background slider conflicts and is not appearing (only in the pages where I enable bt-tabs in any position I attach some photos to see what is happening with the bt-tabs. http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc224/cova22/Bt-travel2_n.jpg http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc224/cova22/Bt-travel1_n.jpg I don't know why bt-tabs are not working properly in this template because when I changed to beez_20 template (just change position) worked just fine. I didn't find anything also in the tutorial. What is the problem with that? Is there any Css or "Module class suffix" that I have to change? @jinjacko - There is a new module position "background-slideshow-home" maybe you should place it there?
  7. Ok, I see. Good. Tampt what is the estimation of time that you will release the fix? In order to arrange also some of my timetables. Thanks.
  8. @jinjacko I came up to this problem also when just selected tabs in the homepage to appear in the 'Typography" page. One question about quickstart package.In order to install it (in localhost first) I just extracted the quickstart.zip in a folder and then made the joomla installation from step 1. I am not sure if it is the correct way. Can it be installed from the extension manager as a template upload? Or somehow in an existing, installed, joomla platform? Nice to hear from the developers, as waiting for the release.
  9. When you installed the quickstart package was everything working or did it still had problems? In order to install it you unzip it and install it as a joomla Stable edition? Although I would like to be able to create it from my own, from the begining. I had some errors apart from the positioning which shouldn't be happening. Like the tabs were not working and background was not positioning, even after the "TemplateDetails.xml" It is a very beautiful template which I really liked when I first saw and I believe that they will make an update which will make it work appropriately.
  10. I have excactly the same problems and questions as jinjacko who wrote before. I installed the template and the modules and I can't make anything work. The bt_tabs are not working at all, the slideshow doesn't appear even when I copied the templateDetail.xml in \templates\bt_travel. At the begining there wasn't even "background-slideshow" position. Also there isn't a bt-login position. And also in the footer area, a part of it cannot be seen? I have printscreened these two photos from my localhost site. Why are all these happening? http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc224/cova22/Bt-travel1.jpg http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc224/cova22/Bt-travel2.jpg