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  1. Hy i just bought this module. The first configuration was very easy. But when i submit a message i get this: "{"success":true,"messages":"[\"Thanks for your message\"]"}" I just want that nice status bar as in your demo ;-) Can you help me? Greets dani
  2. Can´t anyone help me?
  3. Hello, is it possible to change the right module size from the template? The left module and the content must not be changed. Now i have a second question: is it possible to have different backround colors at the module positions left and right? Ich have the layout: right - main - left activated. thank you for your answers. Greets Dani
  4. Hello, how can in configure that my users can change from profile A to profile B in the frontend with an button or over a menuentry. I don´t want use the CP-Panel. Thank you for your help. Greets Dani