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  1. Hy i just bought this module. The first configuration was very easy. But when i submit a message i get this: "{"success":true,"messages":"[\"Thanks for your message\"]"}" I just want that nice status bar as in your demo ;-) Can you help me? Greets dani
  2. Hello, is it possible to change the right module size from the template? The left module and the content must not be changed. Now i have a second question: is it possible to have different backround colors at the module positions left and right? Ich have the layout: right - main - left activated. thank you for your answers. Greets Dani
  3. Can´t anyone help me?
  4. Hello, how can in configure that my users can change from profile A to profile B in the frontend with an button or over a menuentry. I don´t want use the CP-Panel. Thank you for your help. Greets Dani