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  1. Rebuilt the images. Then, went into Theme Options, change and save it, then go back in and change and save it back on the original and it fixed the problem. Very strange.
  2. I was running com_bt_portfolio_j2.5_v1.2.5. I upgraded to com_bt_portfolio_j2.5_v1.5.3. Once I did this, my portfolio categories still existed and displayed, but none of the portfolios were visible. Everything seems ok on the backend. Once I reinstalled com_bt_portfolio_j2.5_v1.2.5 I could see the portfolios again. Any idea what is going on? I would like to use the latest version as I can actually add metadata to it.
  3. I am new to this module, but could use a bit of help. I would like my portfolio at http://www.hattrickconsulting.ca/m2concrete.com/index.php/showcase to look like http://demo.bowthemes.com/bt-photography/index.php/portfolio including the hover over where it turns red (or better yet, the same orange as my template colour). Second, how come my initial images are so grainy? I've played around with the jpeg settings (from 1-100), with no luck. Thanks in advance.