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  1. Got it working, it should be a floating: left instead, this made it look much better for me: /* BT Login */ .cbModuleUsernameIcon.fa.fa-user , .cbModulePasswordIcon.fa.fa-lock {float: left;padding: 9px 5px 0 0;} #form-login-links > li {float: left;padding: 0 20px 5px 0;list-style-type: none;} #btl-content #btl-content-login {width:auto;} #login-form ul {padding-left: 0;} #btl-wrap-module {padding: 10px 20px 20px;}
  2. When I click on the login in button it shows the form like shown in the picture. I would like to have the them aligned side by side. I tried messing a bit with 'float:right' in CSS; but I couldn't make it look right.
  3. I'm considering trying with the BT login (again). I'm using it with CB, and when I click on the login button I don't see 'Username' ... I just see the equivalent Font Awesome icon, where do I set up that it should show text?
  4. Hi Guys Reconsidering the BT login for our site. We're using CB here, so it's of course a benefit that the BT module integrates with that. I just tried it out, and I see the user created, but the 'confirm' link sent to the user is using the user component, and not the cb component, do I need to modify or configure something?
  5. Something strange is going on. This really only happens with bt login. Now I get redirected to a page in our calendar... I'm going to disable the module on our production site, and keep it on a test site (test instead of www in the URL) until it's solved, as it is quite destructive for the experience on the site.
  6. Not really sure what you mean? I start on the standard page, press login, enter my credentials, and press ok?
  7. And now it doesn't work again, strange, now I end up on a jevents page on the site...
  8. email is sent. I found the culprit, it's a plugin, more details in the email.
  9. After doing a login, I get redirected to this URL /component/users/?view=login I have no idea why, it worked, and now it goes to that page??? I've tried entering that it should redirect both to the default page, and the page selected as default. This is with CB integration If I use the CB login, it works like it should.
  10. As I'm doing some debuggin on a new template I got a notice like this: Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_REFERER in /modules/mod_bt_login/mod_bt_login.php on line 130 The bt_login is running as a CB login.
  11. And that made it work, perfect, thanks!
  12. Now I've gotten the box too look like I want it to, so it retains the design from the page. Very easy integration work. [attachment=868]2012-06-20_1012.png[/attachment] But I seem to be missing some labels for the fields???
  13. Ahh, you are right, excellent, thankyou, it works like a charm!
  14. Thankyou very much, the site is at This is the way the button looks like at the moment: after.jpg[/attachment]
  15. No :dry: that seems to give me this: [attachment=847]btl-content.png[/attachment] It should be the green button, but it's the background that changes color :blink: