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  1. Back again a couple of years later. I have recently migrated to a new template and installed the latest version of BT Login. I am experiencing the disappearing login form once again. It is not consistent. It fails intermittently across browsers and platforms. Usually refreshing the browser clears it up, but it is frustrating for my users. Any thoughts on what might be happening and how I can correct it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Problem is indeed solved with this. Note to anyone else who finds their way here, the correct path is: /mod_btsocialconnect_login/tmpl/js/default.js (drop the one underline) I have run into another problem which I need to investigate further. For now we can consider this closed.
  3. Maybe there was a network problem but it is available now.
  4. OK, thanks. I had that CSS for the BT Login module to as the lost password/username lines fields were too short and they split across 2 lines. This was no longer needed with BT Social Login. At any rate, I have now switched over to BT Social Component to get the LinkdIn login and now have the same disappearing popup as I had with BT Login and BT Social. Can you take a look? Same site, same logins. Thanks.
  5. I now see the social login buttons. Not sure why they did not show before. At any rate, is there a way to line them up horizontally instead of vertically? The buttons do not currently work with the login credentials because this is a test site and I did not configure the private IP hostname with google/twitter/facebook. Do you have a timeline for upgrading this plugin to the level of the free version? I would also like to see a lnkedin login added. Thanks.
  6. Interesting, I do not see any social login buttons at all. I have cleared cache in Joomla and in my browser. I have sent you a pm with login details.
  7. Any thoughts on why I am not seeing any of the social buttons? I have enabled all 3 and set up my clientIDs and secrets, but not buttons display. Thanks in advance. p.s. you can use the login details from my previous pm to access the site.
  8. Popup still disappears with this new file. However, when I implimented your css change and clicked on the module in the menu it does indeed stay open. It only closes when I use the login button. I am still not seeing my social login buttons though. Also, it would seem to me that you would update your commercial products faster than your free ones. Isn't that what we pay for?
  9. This is a follow on from the basic BT Login module problem reported in that forum. I have installed the updated files as suggested. The popup displays in the correct position and the immediately closes. I am experiencing 2 other problems: I do not see the option to not display the login button, I had this option on the BT Login module. I use the login assigned to a menu position via the login tags option so do not wish to see the login button on my menu. I do not see my social login buttons on the modal popup. I am sending url and login details by email. Thanks.
  10. As this now pertains to the Social Login I am opening a topic there.
  11. Hell tronghm, This change corrects the problem, thank you. Will you roll these changes into a production release? Second, I intend to upgrade to the Social Login module. I have not tried it yet. Will these js mods need to be rolled into that module as well and are the changed js files identical or do I need different ones for the Social Login? And if required will they be rolled into a production release. Thank you.
  12. Applied this change, did not correct. Symnptoms did change however. The popup now displays quickly at the bottom left then collapses. The background does not become greyed out. Still cannot log in.
  13. I have been using BT Login on J2.5 for a while and it has been working fine. I am in the process of migtaing to J3 and on my test site when I click on the login link the ajax window opens and then disappears while the background is greyed out. The website is then unusable. You can see this behaviour at Use login button on far right of main menu. I can pm admin login if required.