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  1. Hello! If user agent is mobile, images in slideshow are not loaded, but spinner keeps rolling. If requested for desktop site, everything is ok. Web site is responsive. -- EDIT -- Delete this topic, fixed by itself o.O
  2. Hello! I`m a bit frustrated because the answer in Ticket list.. cause there the answer says: impossible. Its not impossible, i did the fix in prev version, but in new there are changes, and i cant find the right code. And yet, there doesn't be manual fix in the js, but if i link field is empty, there shoud not be any a tag at all. So, if you can tell me, where in the skitter javascript hides lines where it looks for <a> tag where to imput next or first image, so i could change it with another wrapper, for example <div> <span> or none. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I dont want to use link on images, and i am not, but there is still <a href="#"></a> tag wrapping the image. Because i am using some of this inside iframe, that # causes troubles. Please, i need instructions where i can edit the javascript to avoid looking for a tag where to insert the "next" or "first" image. Thanks!
  4. Hello! Is there a way to set the slideshow not in pixels but in percents? Thanks!
  5. So anyone to know how to turn off image deletion from server?
  6. So anyone to know how to turn off image deletion from server?
  7. So i`ve tried with cache enabled, and if one image is deleted... in the slideshow appears as black image until u clear the chache. So is this the way how it suppose to work? It seems i cant get any support? I really want to find way how to not delete the image file from server!
  8. At least, is there a way to not really delete file? When you click on Remove, to schedule the image for removal after the module is saved? Or maby not deleteing file at all. When Remove is clicked, the image is schedule for removal from the gallery, but not the file.. so thats how the image wont be missing until click Save. Any help?
  9. I`ve found whats causing the problem. Because i am using fix, to get images not from slideshow folder, but from original folder (to avoid black generated images after upload/save), and after one is deleted, the system detects that img is missing. If i roll back to slideshow instead of original, when image is deleted without saving, on front-end shows black image instead of cached one. Any other ideas, how at least can i rid of that error no matter if the image is there or not? I thing is better slideshow continue to play with missing image, instead of displaying error if only one is missing. So i am screwed from both side i guess. Either i get black generated image, or image error on delete/no save.
  10. Nope, yes, but no. When i click Remove without saving, after reload i have an error message. How can i fix this? I know its strange and all of that but i need solution.
  11. Hello! While proccess of editind pictures in module, when i delete one which i dont need it anymore, on the site front-end shows this error with no images loaded, but i still have not pressed the save button! This means that i need to be supersonic speed from deleting image and saving the module? Or is there any fix, that when i delete image, the slideshow continues to work without any changes until i press save buttion. Plaease for help!
  12. Yes, it delete's it from folder. And in this forum most of the supports happens if we give login credentials, and they will fix for us. Please keep up the fixes open for all!
  13. If you delete images generated in Sldeshow folder, and load the page again, it will fix some pictures (when the module need to re-generate them again) but not all. I`ve tried with smaller and bigger and exact, and for all sometimes is working, and many times are black. Now i am with fix.. to get images from original instead of slideshow folder, which leads me to conclusion that upload is fine, but saving to slideshow creates the problem where the module is saving them resized. I realy hope that Bow Themes Support will realy fix this, because is realy anoying, and kills the great picture of this extensions!
  14. Yes, that fixes my problem, sometimes from first time, sometimes from 10th time. But no, thats not solution for me. We should find upload and resize bug which leads to saving jpg as black.
  15. I have changed the source folder to be original instead of slideshow, and now i must upload images with exact size. Its temporary solution, i cant allow my site to work with bugs. I really hope that you will remove this issue.. this is not why i bought the extension!