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  1. Hi, This is the first time Im creating a template with you guys and im having trouble based on the documentation given. For me its not enough. I am not complaining but trying to work out where i can get this info from! Thanks in advance for your help. I have installed things correctly. 1) Which layout do i use: defaultcontentleft, defaultcontentright, default, home 1 or home 2 via backend? What one is the demo based on? 2) I dont know how to apply the image background (that's blue/purple) in the demo version that lies under the content slider/logo/search area 3) I don't know how to apply Google Fonts to template 4) i don't know how to put in footer: - blue circles with images for from left to right: twiiter, sample menu and recent blog post -6 images in footer linking to twitter/facebook/linkedin etc 4) i don't know how to setup content mass top/content mass bottom areas Kind regards, Alex
  2. Hi Irene, Sorry now it says the coupon has expired!!! Can you help? Alex
  3. Hi Irene, This is the error message that I get: We are sorry: _COUPON_ERROR_MAX_REUSE Thanks Alex
  4. Hi i want to be a member but the santa coupon code doesnt work. I am doing it before the cutoff date. Alex