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  1. Hi. I'm sending this image, because there's a error with my K2 User Menu, I replaced the Original User Menu, and I'm using K2 user module. The bug is on the Comments option and Moderate Comments option. I have "Moderar los comentarios de mis articulo" in Spanish translation. I think I need to add the mod_k2_user subfolder to the template HTML folder or something!!!??? Thanks for help.
  2. Hi... last week I buy the BT Travel Template on, then I made a question showing my bugs with the Template, after that I look for help emailing to KIEN NGUYEN, and after that I send a email to support but nothing! I don't have answer for support, Kien told me that maybe the template on Themeforest was not the latest version and that's the reason of my Topic, There's anyone can Help me? This are my bugs in pics. 1.- Mega Menu doesn't take changes and I only can use one column, it's impossible to use the same of the Demo template here: 2.- After login, It's difficult edit an item, I have this floating option all around the site: 3.- On the backend, I have this weard visualization on the button elements, sometimes If I update the T3 Framework I can see all the options: I hope to find a solution! Please I pay for it because is the perfect template/Design for my recent work! P.S. Sorry my english!! :unsure:
  3. It's done! Thanks for the help, kisses, smiles :D :D :D :D :D and hugs and more thanks! :rolleyes: