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  1. hello i have a problem in my site ... deconnexion link doesn't deconnect user and redirect to 404 component/comprofiler/logout.html?return=aW5kZXgucGhwP0l0ZW1pZD02OTU= ... any idea ?
  2. hello i use bt login + CB 2 + sh404sef when i try to logout with button in btlogin i return to 404 page with this url type ..../component/comprofiler/logout.html?return=aW5kZXgucGhwP0l0ZW1pZD03NjE= why ???
  3. but i need it ... it's a siteground option => very great for performance any other solution ?
  4. hello i didn't find ajax option => i desactived jquery because already load by an other coponent => i do an update of this module i send you code by mp (it a super admin code you can check module if you want => its a production site lol)
  5. hello i have strange behaviour in bt login with joomla 3.3 i need to connect twice... first attempt doesn't work nothing happend http://www.lemouvementassociatif-midipy.org (yser icon in top) thanks for all
  6. no way ? i realy like your template it better ... but update site is too...
  7. hello it realy urgent ... BT Metro template is compatible with j2.5 ? regards