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  1. Problem seems to appear after setting the length of the introtext to 200 characters
  2. Fixed! (by creating a new instance of each module)
  3. Hi Tronghm, Thank you for replying, I'll follow your lead, here's the (temporary) site: http://kcperformance.eu/development/atelierbe/
  4. FYI: this happens with several templates, so I guess it's the module?
  5. When I put 3 times the Content Slider in the bottom positions of an Artisteer template, the last one gets "embedded" in the second one, when I drag the node into place the pages is rendered as wanted. See attachment. Thanks a lot for any helpful input!
  6. When I change [number of articles] from 1 to X than there is no content visible in the slider. As long as I use "1", the extension works, when refreshing the page, another article is loaded. (random, as selected). It doesn't matter if I use K2 categories or K2 articles, both don't work, only the preloader is there... When using K2 categories, I've got 2 out of 10 categories don't show articles at all when I select them. When I use more than 1 category, nothing shows... By the way, I'm working on an English/Dutch language site, does that matter?
  7. Okay... I'm feeling quite stupid now but I'm going to post this anyway..... Menu assigment was: "no pages" ... I completely overlooked this! Wat a mess.... I've been struggling hours with this haha...
  8. It's not working with me also, I don't even see the module appear in the code...
  9. How can I get this module to show? I've tried all "solutions" that I could find but without success. Can somebody please give a clear answer? I figured by buying a professional extension this would save me time but I seemed to be wrong haha... So, What should I use in position and wrapper element? I've deleted the background in Artisteer I've tried several positions... and... body, #art.main body, #art-main, .art-sheet Thanks a lot for any clear reply! :-) edit 1: I don't see the module appear in the code...
  10. Tried... No luck, article title is still there. See attachment. (I've modified css to adapt site styling)
  11. I've tried this fix with K2 articles, now it shows only "NULL"? BT TABS MODULE VERSION 1.0.0
  12. Fixed! Thanks a lot! :silly:
  13. I'm getting this error: Notice: Undefined variable: stringtags in /home/bla/domains/bla.bla/public_html/modules/mod_bt_contentslider/classes/content.php on line 187 How can this be fixed? :-)