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  1. I tried but it still does not work. The only solution that comes to mind is to add this code to the voice of the footer Log In <span class="btl-modal" id="btl-panel-login">Log in </span> Thanks
  2. Hi, thank you for reply. I have a class not an Id. This is the code of the menu item. <li class="item-244"><a href="/it/login.html?ml=1" class="modal" target="_blank" rel="{handler:'iframe',size {x:'650',y:'600'}}">Login</a></li> The site is this , menu item is in the footer the first item in the second column (Log In) Thanks
  3. I have read the previous post but I not undestand how opening the BT Login modal popup directly from clicking an item in the main menu. I use joomla 2.5.9 and when I create a new menu item on the mainmenu, with type "textual seperator", I can't insert the class because the field class doesn't exist with this type separator. Any idea to resolve this issue?