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  1. Thanks for the css, this will solve the problem of the pattern but it doesn't solve the problem of the video not showing on IOS wile you have the slide show set on auto. Hope to fix this soon for IOS, it's great to have this function ( video background ) but it should be compatible with mobile devices.
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. I can't give you my url because I'm working on a local server. I can see the same error on you're Video Background Demo from my iPad (IOS6): http://extensions.bowthemes.com/bt-background-slideshow/video-background.html The only way to see the video is to set the autoplay on 'off' on the EMBED VIDEO CONFIGS but then I get the YouTube PlayButton that is not great on a background and hard to click if you have an overlay div (like a pattern)
  3. I've installed BT Background Slideshow on my new Joomla Website. On a desktop everything works fine but checking the YouTube video on IOS device I noticed that it doesn't show. Any solutions to this?